Day 2 of RAI and feeling sick

It's been about 48 hrs since I received my RAI and I'm now starting to feel like I'm getting a cold. Yesterday I noticed my glands were swollen and sore (which I now is normal for RAI) and my new symptoms are a bit of ear popping and that fuzzy congested head-cold feeling. What can I take if this turns into a cold?

Thanks in advance.

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I have alka seltzer cold in the house, is this okay? Is there anything I should absolutely stay away from?

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At this point you should be done with the LID (My doctors said normal food was okay 2-3 days after RAI), so I would say take anything you would normally take - the alka seltzer cold is probably fine.

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You could ask you dr. if it's ok to take otc's. My nuc. med. person advised me to try doing LID for about a week post RAI just to get best results. There probably are otc's you can take that don't have the dyes etc. You may just feel kind of lousy for a week or so after RAI, but you will feel better again!

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