body aches after RAI?

I know that I have been posting many questions about side effects after the RAI, but I have so many questions, to make sure that my side effects are "normal".
Did anyone have body aches? My arms feel like lead sometimes and so do my upper legs.

Did anyone experience this as well?

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Although I'm not sure of your time line, I think the aches at this point may be more of a side effect from being hypo. My aches and flu-like symtoms occurred for several days immediately afte RAI but dissipated by Day 5. Are you on levothyroxine? It takes several weeks to bring levels back into a more "normal" range. HTH and you feel better soon.

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I had aches but I believe it was from being hypo. My only side effect from the rai is that my taste buds are a little off, other than that I feel great

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I had muscle/joint pain before RAI due to being hypo, but I think it may have contributed to enhancing the effects.

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When did you go back on thyroid meds? Are you back on meds? What meds are you taking?

It is sometimes hard to separate the side effects of thyroid hormone replacement meds from something like RAI. Docs believe thyroid meds are simple and easy, but they have huge side effects, plus too high or too low then all kind of problems result.

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i have the aches and "myalgia" and i am hyper (TSH 0.04, FT4 1.8). we cut out 1/2 pill 1 day per week (Tg < 0.2). i hope that is the reason and it gets alleviated.

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I felt achy...which I believe was down to going slightly anemic from the hypothyroid. I've always been it's no surprise that I went anemic about 1-2 weeks after the RAI. It should correct itself soon. :)

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