Anyone attending the ThyCa Conference in Philadelphia

Anyone attending the conference in Philadelphia on the 27th?

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I am. This will be my first!


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Yes, lots of people -- lots of first-timers plus many returning attendees, both survivors and caregivers. Some have come to numerous previous conferences. One attendee has come to all 15 of the previous conferences!

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I'm coming. Wouldn't miss it! This will be my 7th! So much information, so many nice people. I have felt so comfortable being at these Conferences and have made friends around the country, and some in Canada and Europe. The doctors actually speak in "our language" and answer all of our questions. If you haven't been to one, don't miss it! If you have been, see you again soon.

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First Timer (Sat. only!)

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Walk in attendees are welcome to register on site at the conference, for 1, 2, or all 3 days.

The complete program schedule in on, in the Conference section linked in 3 places from the home page (News, Events, and Popular Pages ).

A terrific program, with great choices at every time period during the day.

Hope lots of you can come!

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I'll be there, my first one :)

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Many arrived today, and have been posting on their Facebook pages!
Great that you're coming, Susan, Pat, tlbones, and gardensloth!

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I was hoping to go but don't think I am going to be able to go--will there be any reportings/posts of the proceedings? I sure hope so!

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Our speakers as well as attendees prefer no recording because there's so much informal interaction not readily recordable. New information from events is added to following review by ThyCa's medical advisors, on an ongoing

One reason I go to as many in-person events as possible is that I get so much depth and fine-tuning of information and perspectives relevant to my own situation.

Plus experiencing so many professionals' varied communication styles.

All greatly aids me in my own communications with my medical professionals, as well as decisionmaking, not only for thyroid cancer but also for coping with other medical issues that have arisen.

Hope you can attend at least for one day!

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hi maybe friday.depends on health and a brake.

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I wish, but hoping next year it will be a little closer to Texas, then I will go.

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Shore1 - Hope things work out so you can attend.
BarbDan - The conference takes place in a different region each year. People come from both near and far, and certainly it's easier for those who live closer.

This year's setup and media workshop are today, with lots of people already arrived, and the speaker sessions and roundtables begin tomorrow morning.

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I am. I found out about this a week ago. Booked tickets for my wife and I from Utah.
In my case, my doctors have told me they have done all they can, and to call them if they can do anything for me.
2 - 200 MCI doses RAI, and last one 250 MCI. Cancer keeps spreading and growing.
1 thyroid removal, lung surgery, and back surgery.
Searching for hope and answers.

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