Abnormal abnormality

My report from my full body scan showed an abnormal abnormality. So the Enco ordered a neck and head ultra sound which I am waiting for results.
The blood check that was done immediately after the full body scan and shows my FreeT4 2.8 and TSH 72. This seems very strange to me. Could someone please give me some input to what you feel is going on.
I had a complete thyroidectomy almost 15 months ago because of cancer on the left side of thyroid. The doctor felt I was completely free of cancer at that time. Since then I have not felt that well and much fatigue.
I am new to this board and am hoping to receive a reply.

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Do you have the lab's reference ranges for your free T4? 2.8 is alarmingly high, unless it is on a different scale from the one the standard US labs use.

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Carbo In answer to your reply, I do have the reference ranges. That is one reason why I am so concerned.

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I would ask for a retest. The results are quite unusual and warrant another look.

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