<3 February 14...where were you?

Ok, so I passed the 1st year anniversary of being diagnosed with "something" in the thyroid from an innocent swollen submandibular gland . Now I'm coming up on the anniversary of the thyca confirmation/surgery set-up from the surgeon. That was on Valentine's Day last year. I hope this year I really feel the love. It's been a heck of a long year. Thank God I had thyca that initiated the scope that found the NET. God is definitely at work here. I refer to these instances as God-cidences. I guess that is a reason why God wanted me to leave my job and not find a new one yet. His work is my work.

I hope I have contributed in some way to help others as they have helped me. Going through life with a big bad monster like cancer doesn't have to be all-consuming and bad (think David and Goliath). It is my choice how I react to it and what I will do with it. There is always a flicker of hope and a lesson to share. No use being idle, nor hiding the light under a bushel basket. Take your light and let it shine in your heart to show everyone the Way.

I am stronger for all that I have experienced with the thyca and then again with the NET. It could be worse. It could be better. I meet wonderful people on these sites and I thank you all for sharing your lives with me. We say "God Bless You" to each other but I think He means for us to know that He blesses us always. We just have to live the blessings.

Feel the LOVE:) and, yes, God Bless You:)

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I hope and pray you will feel the love. Thank you for your inspiring message of faith and hope. May God richly bless you!

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Yes, we can keep on living our lives despite thyca! I think that those without cancer don't realize that we think about it several times each day because we do just keep going and living and doing. Thyca will always be on our mind, but I agree with you that we can let it shine for good and His glory everyday! And, yes, the blessings we get each day despite our trials! Just wonderful! Thanks for your post!

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Happy Anniversary! :)

Some days are easier than others! ;)

Love and best wishes. Xoxo

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On this site, you will definitely feel the love! There are many caring, loving people on this site and we are all happy to share! :)

Be Strong and Stay Positive!

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