1 year WBS

Well just finished my 1 year WBS, and it was clean. I make antibodies, so I really haven't had any idea whether I was good or not.

But apparently all is well. Have already popped my Synthroid pill, hope to be leaving hypo hell soon.

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Hooray!! And I hope this is the last time you EVER have to go hypo again!

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yeay! i am sitting here waiting to find out the status of my stimulated Tg and 1 year scan after 2nd lymph node surgery. a nervous wreck :/

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Thanks, and hope all goes well

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sounds great so glad for you dont burn up the track tires are $ r

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Great news!!

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Wonderful news! I hope you celebrate!

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Thanks everyone, my kids and I did, we ate every shell fish we could find, lol

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