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  • By Osfanatic87 · Posted 5:31 pm
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  • I have been treated for the last 8 years for psoriasis, and this past week, my dermatologist referred me to John Hopkins because he said there was nothing else he could do for me. I have numerous patches ...

New and excited to begin my journey!

  • By Sheridonia · Posted 2:56 pm
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  • My name is Melissa and I'm the mom to three kids. A who is 7, L who is 3 and my newest baby H who is 5 months old! I've been suffering from psoriasis since the 7th grade when I was 12. Ever since I've ...

scalp is bleeding HELP PLEASE

  • By starbright2012 · Posted 2:29 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 3 replies
  • Hello- I called my dermatologist and I am waiting to hear back.My psoriasis on my scalp is bleeding.It seems like it keeps dripping and being wet.If I put tissue on my head I see red and blood.I have ...

Taking Apremilast / Otezla?

  • By Lovetafish · Posted 2:10 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 2 replies
  • I am going to be starting this medication myself, and I was wondering if anyone else has started or is going to start it. Please, let's keep each other informed. I would like to know how it affects you ...

Bikini Wax

  • By Blakenicole888 · Posted 1:44 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 0 replies
  • Will getting a bikini wax cause more psoriasis there ...

Starting on Enbrel and a little nervous!

  • By cmd30 · Posted 1:07 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 1 reply
  • Hi All, I am now to Inspire but finding it so great to feel apart of a community of P sufferers! Its so good to be able to chat about the trials and tribulations of dealing with this disease. I think ...

What can I do?

  • By ashton4life · Posted 12:51 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 4 replies
  • Hello everyone, This is my first post on my condition. I am 45 and have suffering with psoriatic arthritis for 4-5 years now. It all started with my scalp psoriasis 10 years ago. I have it on my head ...

Hair coloring

  • By suzy46 · Posted 10:49 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 6 replies
  • Can you get your hair colored if you have dermatitis on scalp ...

Low Force Chiropractic For PSA

  • By jk2013 · Posted 9:09 am
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 3 replies
  • Anyone have any success with ow force chiropractic for PSA instead of the regular chiropractors that crack and twist your neck and back ...


  • By juliaB68 · Posted 7:46 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 5 replies
  • Has any one ever experienced any fatigue from taking MTX? I am now thinking of taking it ...

what are cuse to psoriasis

  • By cruzer4 · Posted 5:52 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 0 replies
  • 1- blood group? 2-smoking? 3-Deficiency of zink or other Mining material on body? 4- eating Garlic with Balsamic Vinegar are useful for Treatment of psoriasis 5- Patient to psoriasis have relation with ...


  • By qse150 · Posted 5:13 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 0 replies
  • Can we mix Apple Cider Vinegar with fruit juicing (carrot + celery + banana ) .... can i pour in a tbsp of ACV? Anyone tried that before ...

Jello baths and Psoriasis

  • By iamananaof3 · Posted 1:32 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 5 replies
  • hello every one I have had Psoriasis, for over 20 years, it started out in my scalp, but about 5 years ago, I had gotten in a tub red jello, I noticed that before I went to bed that my skin was still ...

Makeup Tips For Arms & Legs

  • By Tbone56 · Posted 1:27 am
  • Discussion in Emotional support and coping techniques · 5 replies
  • Hey all, I posted in another topic about switching drugs. I`m a pro entertainer (male) and I`ve started having to use makeup on my hands and arms when I`m on stage and dealing with the public (I`m a piano ...

Considering Stelara, Currently on Enbrel

  • By Tbone56 · Posted 1:11 am
  • Discussion in Psoriatic arthritis · 4 replies
  • Hey all, first post. A little background: 58 year old male. I`m a traveling pro entertainer. I`ve had P since 2000. PsA since around 2003. I`ve been on Enbrel since around 2005. Works great for my PsA ...

When did biologics show you a difference?

  • By jlynn2014 · Posted 12:57 am
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 9 replies
  • Tomorrow w be my third dose of enbrel for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I deff feel less achy!! But when did you start noticing difference in plaques? And how do they look as they heal ...

Starting Otezla

  • By AARussell73 · Posted yesterday at 10:24 pm
  • Journal · 4 replies
  • Seen my doctor today and after long discussion I will be starting Otezla in the morning. He told me that he has done a lot of reading about it over the last week. I'm looking forward to trying this new ...

Never would have believed it, but......

  • By Dobbs · Posted yesterday at 10:22 pm
  • Journal · 10 replies
  • I admit it....I've visited these boards almost daily for the past three years...since I myself was diagnosed with PsA. Having suffered with scalp P for nearly 8 years, recently it had exacerbated and ...

Spring flare up

  • By Pink5578 · Posted yesterday at 9:29 pm
  • Discussion in Psoriasis · 4 replies
  • Just wondering if I am the only one who flares up every Spring??? Any reason why??? Thanks ...

young peoples!

  • By racer_girl · Posted yesterday at 8:01 pm
  • Discussion in Teens and young adults · 0 replies
  • I'm so glad more and more young people are joining this site! Me being only 15 i like having younger people more my age to talk to. I feel that it is easy to talk to someone close to your age than someone ...

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