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First I'll say I know this is probably a stupid question. Does psoriasis ever just go away? Hear me out on why I'm asking. I was talking to a co-worker today about how excited I was to go to my first apt with a dermatologist next monday, and this girl comes up and says I used to have psoriasis. I'm think wait I thought it was with you for life. So, I ask her what she used and all about it. She said she had it a few years back and it lasted for about a year. She said she did go to a dermatologist and they gave her some creams that helped and it eventually went away. She was told stress caused hers and that it wasn't genetic. Did she really have P? Do I need to hunt down that DR? Or was she miss diagnosed?

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** Originally posted by emeraldcheral **

This happened to my aunt many years ago. She had this flare on her legs that a derm diagnosed as psoriasis. It appeared out of nowhere and after about a month of topical steroids it never came back again. Her derm at the time said it was probably some kind of allergic reaction. She told me it looked just like what I had but she was lucky enough it didn't last. 20 years later now she does have slight P on her scalp but nothing like mine. Of course they know much more about P now than they did 20 years ago. Obviously she had the gene for it. But I have heard that people can go for many years in remission.

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** Originally posted by MaryJean713 **

Hi MikeAlex,

Nice to meet you, let me first say that P is just like the people it lives with. Everyone's P is different. But ALL P is genetic. Psoriasis is kind of like acne in that way. Some people's P will come and go. While other people have P that just won't go away at all. It sets up shop and camps out on their face. Why did this girl's P just go away after topical treatment? I have no idea. Why does my P respond to Tropicort and not Dovonex, while someone else's P responds in the opposite manner? I have no idea, and the doctors don't really know either.

And yes, sometimes P can and will go into remission. For some people, P will go into remission for years. PA can do that too. However, I don't think you necessarily need to search out her derm. Just cause her P went into remission doesn't mean that if you use the same treatment, yours will too. You might respond to light treatment and NOT topicals... who knows? Plus, getting an appointment with a derm can take FOREVER. If your seeing yours soon- stick with him/her. Now if you are not satisfied with the treatment you get from this derm, then by all means find another.

But! It is great you are seeing a derm! Getting treatment is the first step to fighting the disease, and I hope you are considering a dietary change as well. When I changed my diet, was when I really started seeing changes in my P.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions, if I can help you further, let me know!

Mary Jean

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** Originally posted by JustDucky **

I am 60 years old and was diagnosed in February. I think I have had P before..in my 20s, only, I didnt know what it was. I had this peeling, flakey rash in my hairline..and it showed up again this time. Of course, I have/had it in various other places, recently.

I think thru the years, whenever I had something that itched and was red..I figured it was alergies. And I didnt have these "alergies" very many times.

My guess is..that it can go away for long periods of time..and then just show up again.

Because of this..I dont think mine has anything to do with stress. I have had many super stressful times in my life..and never had a flareup like this one. And things were calm for a long time, recently. I wasnt stressed over anything.

It may sound odd to some, but I think once this little episode I am having, lately is over..it just might disappear again. I guess it doesnt hurt being positive..right? lol

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** Originally posted by Resist **

I was talking to a co-worker today about how excited I was to go to my first apt with a dermatologist next monday, and this girl comes up and says I used to have psoriasis. I'm think wait I thought it was with you for life.

Remission is all she has.

So, I ask her what she used and all about it. She said she had it a few years back and it lasted for about a year. She said she did go to a dermatologist and they gave her some creams that helped and it eventually went away. She was told stress caused hers and that it wasn't genetic.

All Psoriasis is genentic according to the latest studies. Either your friend only heard what she wanted to hear or her Derm is an idiot.

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** Originally posted by NYGuy11 **

Psoriasis is for life. Yes, there are periods of remission where it could go away for a long time.

But treating it is how much effort you are willing to put into it. You can go the biologic route, or you could try going on a more natural route. Natural route meaning changing your diet, losing some weight, and eating less or no inflammatory foods. Also taking some vitamins, like Vitamin D3 and getting sun will help greatly.

Good luck!

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** Originally posted by AnnieB **

Who knows? Maybe she WAS misdiagnosed. Or maybe she has P and it went away. It still could return! You can only make choices for yourself. P can definitely come and go, ebb and flow! There are some common triggers for "flares" like strep infections etc. The winter is usually worse because most of us get far less sun and less Vitamin D. But everyone is different. And that is why it is so confusing! I personally got my first big flare when I was NOT stressed. And my father, uncle, and cousin all had it, so the genetic ilnk is obvious. Talk to a derm and read the boards to get info on your options. At least you know it CAN get better--it may take a while to figure out treatment that works for YOU.

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** Originally posted by smb518 **

Thanks for bringing up this thread--it's a good reminder that there is the possibility of several years of remission. I know P is never 'cured' but being asymptomatic for awhile would sure be nice. I am the clearest I've ever been from light treatments, and I'm crossing my fingers it will last!

Take care,

Sarah :^)

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** Originally posted by Dulane **

There are those of us who had an attack while on a specific med. Like the malaria drugs. And anti-biotic allergies for me.

It is possible that after stopping the aggravating factor, it will go away.

Like others, I had small attacks several times while I was younger. I didn't think it was P. Maybe it wasn't.

Can't know for sure.


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** Originally posted by JustDucky **

Nobody in my family has this. My 97 year old aunt who is sharp as a tack..assured me nobody she knew, both on my mother and fathers side of the family had any skin ailments, that she can remember. The only one who had something close to a skin problem, was my father..who broke out in a rash when eating shell fish.

I have many cousins..nobody has p. but me...unless, of course, it skips several generations. I have no way of knowing if people before my grandparents, had it.

I was just outside sunning myself. I dunno if this does a thing..all I know is..after a long, cold, NY winter..it felt great!!

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** Originally posted by brightside **

I have gone into remission twice. I was diagnosed when I was 11 or 12. I lived in Portugal for 5 1/2 years and sometime around year 3.5 I just cleared up. I think it had a lot to do with the sun- we had a pool and I spent a lot of time outside, my diet- lots of fish, free range style chicken, lots & lots of fresh vegies/fruit and also the fact that I wasn't at working. When we came back to the USA, so did P and within 18 months I was back to explaining the "burns" on my arms & legs. The second time I went into remission was when I was pregnant (my derm says this is very common). By the time the kids were a year old the P came back.

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** Originally posted by pgerpup **

Hi Brightside!

Interesting you had a remission when you were pregnant. My p has never cleared up since it arrived when I was 12. Pregnant or not, I always have it. My brother however, only has flares when he is stressed. He can go for months and even a couple of years without a flare and then have it so bad he can't use his hands. He says it comes at the most inopportune times too. His wife was very sick a couple of years ago and he could hardly care for her because he was flaring so badly. His derm put him on Xanex and Zoloft and the flare subsided. I haven't talked to him in a while (he stays so busy) so I don't know how he is right now.

Also, I have one sister and one brother who don't have the rash, but 4 out of the six of us have the p rash. Our father had it too. One of my sisters had to retire from her job at 54 years old because of her PA.

Anyway, I think it is interesting how some can have the rash come and go and the rest of us have the rash full time. Boy, if they could explain that one!

Thanks for listening,

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** Originally posted by lucygirl211 **

Well, I'm proof that it does go away...and then it can come back, with a vengeance! I was diagnosed with GP at 19, was clear for about 9-10 years and then it came back, mild at first and then within a couple years, got real bad. My Mom got super thick big patches on her knees and arms but no where else and after a year or two, it just went away! I used to get so frustrated and ask her, What did you do??! How come yours went away and mine got worse?! It's so complicated to figure out, everyone's case is different filled with a million different variables to try and pinpoint!

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi brghtside,
welcome to the p family. you have met some of the wonderful people on here and will find alot of great info. welcome and nice to meet you.

have a good weekend all


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** Originally posted by brightside **

Thanks Rich! I'm glad to be here!

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi brightside,
your welcome

have a good night all


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