Where to buy UVB Units for Scalp?


Is there a reputable online store that sells UVB units for scalp psoriasis (I think these resemble combs/wands)?

I saw a couple on ebay, but didn't feel comfortable purchasing one since they are being sold from foreign countries (and couldn't find a review on these units).

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i bought one of the foreign ones - it came from china and it shipped surprisingly fast.
the brand was kernel and so far works fine. it was $289 -but i regret getting the one with timer.
and it did not require a prescription.

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that's good to know.

why do you regret getting a unit with a timer?

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it costed a little more and it shuts off after the time you selected is up.
you can not bypass the timer - so i set it to the max. minutes and use a stop watch instead for each spot.
easier to read the stop watch i guess.

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I bought mine off ebay. It said it came from NYC on there but when I got it it was shipped from Israel lol. I have gotten good results with it though and it was only $60.

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BTW mine is not a wand, but just a handheld unit. I have very thin hair as it is so it works for my scalp. I would think that it would help anyone unless your hair was ridiculously thick.

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