what is a good breakfast and lunch for psoriasis people?

what is your idea of a good or decent breakfast for people with psoriasis? and a lunch idea. thank you-i will wait for replys.

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For breakfast I have Turkey bacon & egg whites & fresh fruit and for lunch poke which
is raw fish cubed with seaweed ,sweet onion, green onion , and chili peppers mix in
With soy sauce .

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Fresh ground peanut butter with jam (flavor your choice) on toasted english muffin and coffee. Holds me for many hours. Lunch and dinner any thing thats considered heart healthy. Limit fats, salt, keep low carbs and don't get hung up on any wierd diets.
ME, Irene

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Forgot to mention, I have spoken with many doctors about any foods that are particularly good or bad for psoriasis people -- NO!
Just a reasonably healthy diet. Low fats, low salt, low sugar, low carbs. Try to follow 'weight watchers' plan. That's healthy!

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For breakfast I also have yogurt W/ fruit cereal with skim milk and a whole wheat
muffins. And for lunch chicken or turkey or subway sandwich and a tofu salad .

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Or corn bread with jam of choice coffee or tea. Lunch chicken or seafood lau lau is
made from taro leaves ,chicken pork or seafood wrapped with taro leaves and wrapped
in ti leaves then it is steamed for several hours and it is healthy this is what hawaii
people eat and fish for lunch or dinner.

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A big bowl of chopped mixed fresh fruit, and dandelion or milk thistle tea for breakfast. For lunch, salad ( lettuce, celery, onion, cucumber, watercress, avocado, grated carrot for example), with fish or egg and olive oil and maybe sweet potato. Fresh vegetable soups are nice also, with mineral water/fresh fruit juice.

Best wishes

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