What helps my psoriasis!!!

I have had my psoriasis for over a year now, and most of the time it has sucked. My psoriasis covered 90% of my head and my face, and then my arms were the same way. My legs weren't coverd, but I spots all over them, and my hands were bad as well. Getting my own daughter to hold my hand was hard, I had to wear gloves so she would. And with people that have this, you know that we don't like to talk about how it covers other places on our bodies. But regardless it is a fact that it does occur in a most dreadful spot. I have been taking Methortrexate, and it has helped with the big part of psoriasis, but I have flare ups all over my body. I did find a lotion that seems to be working amazingly well though. Because lets face it, those creams and ointments that doctors can prescribe to you, you cant exactly put them in all the places that psoriasis occurs. Well if anybody reads this, this lotions is called RENEW, and it is made by a company called Melaleuca. This best part of this is, is that the lotion costs just as much and the lotions you can buy at WALMART and other places. The only con is, you have to buy it on line. You dont have to get a membership to try it. I did get the membership.

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I found something else while doing my daily research. It has to do with stem-cells..

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Dear Amy I feel your pain! I've had it for over 3 years now and have tried many things. I will check out your renew.

I'm covered from head to toe minus and and feet. (not to toe then.;;) Don't have it on elbows and knees nor in private places, but everywhere else. Mine is called pitiryisis. (sp?) I have a full body rash with boil like welts that bleed. It's very painful, and at one point I lost all my hair.

I too went to Layhey Clinic and got the BEST...??? treatment there was. Still no answer and nothing they could do. I covered my body in the steriod cream day and night for a year till my husband threw it away. I was literally going nuts! Doing bizare things. My GP said no on should be on steriods that long and using so much. People commit suicide when abusing steriods. I got better.

Then I tried all the home remidies I'd learned online. Some helped like bathing in Epsom or dead sea salts. Lightly sluffing the skin but not scrubbing, using lukewarm water to bathe, not hot, and staying moisturized with fragrance free moisturizers. Petroleum jelly was the biggest help to me. It helped me from drying out.

At the moment, I'm achieving the best success so far. I'm actually clearing up nicely. After all the research I've done, and hearing, "There is no cure..." But, we think it's from an auto immune disease where your body actually attacks itself. To fess up, I was a heavy drinker. All the more so when my skin got worse. I quit drinking. It was very depressing loosing my hair, and twenty pound.s and I wasn't overweight. I knew I had to make changes within first. Liver flushes are usually not recommended, however my doctor told me my liver functions were on the high side. Kidneys and pancreas are closely associated as well.

Dr. Oz said, "If you are still alive, you can help your liver." Take 3/4 cup of warm or hot water, a table spoon of hot sauce, and the juice of a whole lemon, twice daily, and it will help clean your liver without dangerous fasting. For me so far so good! I decided to work inside out. I researched the vitamins for skin, and nails, at took only the amounts recommended for each supplement. No multivamins for me.

I cut out white sugar and flour. I'm not sure that I have gluten issues, (it's in my family) but I choose gluten free when I can. I eat cruciferous veggies at least three times a day. I stay away from meat and get my protien from eggs, nuts, some cheese, tofu and more. I use coconut oil on my scalp at night at it does wonders!

My eyes are white again, my skin is clearing up, and I'm not itchy. It takes a lot of time to do what I do but it is so worth it! Oh when I started, I went to the dollar store and got hydocortize there. GP said it was safe to use for a while. It gave me a jump start. After my bath or shower I would that all over once a day, and use something called Hydrophor Ointment. It's petroleum jelly with lanolin and mineral oil amonst others. It really seals in the moisture. It's really goopy but the effects with a good diet and the supplements that you personally need really help.

As you know this disease works from the inside out. Scratching a scab from psorisis feels like your digging at something that has roots. It does! (I know we are not supposed to scratch) So that's why I decided to overhaul my insides and watch what I take in in order to build up my immune system.

Oh, and I don't like laxitives, but I did buy a saline enema kit. Dumped out the laxitive and used the bottles with warm water to get things going. Then I filled the bottles with coffee and did it again. The caffiene gave a little jump start on ridding toxins.

I recommend the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing. It's like an encylopedia for whatever ails you and it has a lenghty rundown of what vitimins do what, how much you should take, and what interacts with each other. It's easy to use and very informative. It's my Bible.

Sorry so long but this isn't a simple disease. Please find some relief. I wonder if plain yogurt would help for private parts?
Good luck!

PS Sarna smells yucky, (no fragrance of course) but it sure does take the sting away. It has menthol in it. I'd cry myself to sleep in pain till I found that. I even put it on my head at the time.

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I love reading entries like yours. I got a new derm and he said on Thursday what so many say: diet has nothing to do with psoriasis. Reading entries like yours tell me that's not true. Thank you.
I too gave up alcohol, sugar and gluten. Though I'm not 100% clear, it is livable.

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Amy Dale,

I know this sounds too simple but one of my doctors recommend the old fashion A&D ointment for my private area. My skin used to crack and split and it was very painfull. The A&D ointment is the clear brownish kind. I have had psoriasis since 1987 and the A&D is the only thing that has helped me; it's in the baby isle. Good luck.

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Thank you Harmonica. The longer you do it the easier it is. If you are dilligent you find so many alternatives to choose from so that life is still tasty and not boring. After a while your body doesn't crave sugar or carbs anymore. This morning I made a shake that was made with a handful each of frozen strawberrys, bananna, and pineapple. I added a large handful of spinich, and a large tablespoon of coconut oil. I ground flaxseed, and added coconut water. Blend the whole thing and you end up with a tropical shake! You can't taste the spinich, mostly the bananna and pineapple come through. It's awesome. There are tons of recipeis out there like this. You just need to tailor it to your liking. I freeze fruit in little baggies and take them out as needed. It's nice becuase when they go on sale you can buy a lot and freeze them.

Today I'm making bean burgers. I use all sort of beans. Soak them then cook till tender. Mash the beans like you would potatos by hand, you don't want a puree. Add onion, garlic, an egg or two, chili powder, cumin, and hot sauce. You can use bread crumbs to thicken it but I use corn meal. I also add corn and bell pepper. They are great! you can eat it like a burger or as I like, fried with two fried eggs on top with a dollup of sour cream and salsa. Very good!

Stay healthy all

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i was in psorsis clinic got 2 preparation they are excellent i never got it bad again and go to sun room

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this really works for ptrivate parts

lopron mc 1percent crmAA AWESOMESTUFF GONE IN DAY OR TOO

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