what are the best probiotics?

hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here has a recommendation for a good probiotic. i am looking for one that has many strains, and preferably one that is time released (i.e., so that the critters make it all the way to my intestines). my local drugstores only sell acidophilis, and online searches provide an overwhelming number of options, but it is not clear to me which is best...

thanks in advance, -julie

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I have had several probiotic strains over the past five years, and I CAN recommend an absolutely EXCELLENT brand.

Unfortunately, if I do so, I will be accused of selling something.

So I won’t.

It would be best if you saw a naturopath and have them diagnose the best supplement for your particularly situation.

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I have looked at a lot of pre- and probiotics lately and investigated a few studies. I would recommend taking Align (probiotic - capsule) along with Bimuno (prebiotic - powder). Udo's Choice probiotic (capsule) is also a good one but must be kept in the fridge

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hi LittlePinkPuss, I can promise you that *I* will not accuse you of selling anything. I am just hoping to get a few suggestions from folks to narrow down the field, then I will decide for myself which one is best. So please share! or, if you don't feel comfortable with sharing, that's fine too, I understand...

and thanks Dinnie for your suggestions, I will look into them... -j.

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Well you may not accuse me of selling but some daft people on here do.

I won’t recommend a brand but I will give the following guidelines:

* Get a multi strain one

* Get one with at least 45 Billion CFU’s per capsule

* Most need to be kept in the fridge, so don’t buy a brand that has been sitting on the shelf under hot shop lights for months - don’t buy off the internet for the same reason.

* There are many different strains, so don’t buy off the shelf willy nilly. Have a naturopath or natural health doctor prescribe the best one for your particular needs.

* There are powdered and capsules. The powder ones work quicker but can sometimes give you diarrhea.

* You need to take them everyday for at least 3 months, to really start seeing results. I have been taking 2 capsules daily all year and find them to be excellent.

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Well I am not selling anything. I have taken Natren for 26 years, so does all our family. It saved me when I had C Diff when I was pregnate with my son. The Best comes in Dairy or without.

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Are these probiotics helpful for psoriasis? If so, what did they do to help?

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I only use the refrigerated kind with 1o strains at least, since I am a senior I use Ultimate Flora the senior formula, they also have different kinds. I do not sell products that I recommend, but I think it helps to know what you should buy. You can also subscrib to Consumer's lab reports, they evaluate a lot of products as far as content, ect.

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Buy kefir grains. Best out there used for thousands of years.

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Hi everyone, thanks for the suggestions, I will look into all of them. I do drink kefir cultured milk (which I buy at Trader Joe's) but heard that they are not as good as some of the more potent probiotics...

To answer Vickiel's question: my first big P flare up happened not so long after I was on antibiotics for almost a month. Afterwards, I began to exhibit symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, in addition to P. Many people on this board find that their gut/intestinal/diet situation affects their P. I am not sure this is the case with me, but just in case, I am trying to be cautious and conscientious regarding my diet and microflora...


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I use Align because it came highly recommended by my PCP. Good luck!

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Oh and this is true about refrigeration on Natren , you have to refrigerate many of them or you loose the good flora.

I know they make them with FOS it is a sugar of some kind I cannot use anything with FOS it upsets my stomach terrible.

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Yes, if you have taken a course of antibiotics or you have some sort of bowel issue, then probiotics are an absolute MUST have.

The probiotics advertised in yogurt are a bit of a marketing ploy con, and I believe you would have to eat seven large tubs in one sitting to reach your requirements. You would be better off adding dandelion leaves to your diet. Although they are hard to source, so supplements are the only answer really.

The book "Colon Health Key to Vibrant Life" by Dr Norman Walker, is worth reading. As it covers the link between the health of your bowel with other health issues.

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The Probiotics Revolution by Huffnagle will tell you all you need to know about probiotics.

Instead of, or in addition to taking probiotic supplements you might consider doing your own fermentation to create probiotics in far greater quantity. For example, making your own sauerkraut is dead easy ... and you can find related videos on youtube. Same goes for making your own yogurt.


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making your own sauerkraut Lazza I would love your recipe. I love sauerkraut .

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Thanks for the book suggestions, I will definitely check them out! and unfortunately I'll have to pass on the sauerkraut - it does not agree with my taste buds ; )

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