voltaren vs arthrotec

Hello all. Recently diagnosed with PsA my rheumatologist prescribed arthrotec as a first try before moving on to other medications. However, my insurance won't pay for it and wants me to take voltaren instead.

Are these essentially the same drug? Is Arthrotec much better and I should fight harder to get it? How expensive is it?

Does anyone have any experience with either or these medications?


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I've not tried either one, but if you are really wanting to try the Arthrotec first, try going to the companys website. Lots of brand drug
mfg have coupons that can help pay. Its worth a look.

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Voltaren and Arthrotec have the same active ingredient. (diclofenac)

You WILL get the same relief from either. What is different with Arthrotec is that it also contains another ingredient called misoprostol. They use this to prevent ulcers.

Diclofenac is an NSAID (like ibuprofen or naproxen) and something that NSAIDS do is to decrease your stomach's ability to make the protective layer that lines it. We all know that your stomach is VERY acidic...well the reason it doesn't burn itself up is because it is able to make this mucus that coats the entire inside of the stomach (which is what NSAIDS stop the production of). If your body does not have this protective mucus in the stomach, it will burn itself and cause a stomach ulcer. Misoprostol promotes the building of this mucus so it prevents the diclofenac from causing ulcers. If your insurance does not want to pay for it, then there are other options to preventing an ulcer: like having your doctor prescribe a PPI like omeprazole (Prilosec) to reduce the acidity in your stomach and prevent it from burning yourself.

But yeah: just to summarize again: you will get EXACTLY THE SAME relief from either medication, but Arthrotec has an additive in it to help prevent stomach ulcers which are a very common side effect of long term NSAID use.

Hope this helps!

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Voltaren also comes in a gel. This is one way around the stomach issues of NSAIDs in pill form.
Been using the gel for 5 years and it really helps. Not sticky or greasy just helps control the swelling & pain. It has a quick direct effect.

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plus one to the gel.

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Sorry if this is a silly question but by gel do you mean topical ie run on the area? Or do you mean gel that you swallow?

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Voltaren is a topical gel that is basically aspirin in a gel. I used it after knee surgery and it is very helpful. As a matter of fact, I hadn't thought about using it on my wrist's with PA. Going upstairs right now. Bye....

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check out arthritistrust.org the wyburn mason flagyl treatment. i like many cant take NSAIDS due to gastric issues so i do a 6 week flagyl treatment once a year along with good clean diet and fish oil 8-12gms day. it feels curative rather than palliative in that the improvement is lasting long after the treatment. Rheumatologists/ Drs generally arent into this so you need to educate/empower yourself then one without a complex will listen to you. in my 30 years experience this is a much better 1st step than getting on the NSAIDS merry- go- round.

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I have used Voltaren gel for arthritis of my knee with good results. I heard about it from my brother who lives in Austria. There, is is available over the counter and rather cheap. Here, I asked my PC for a prescription which she willingly gave to me, since her aunt in England uses it. I have pharmacy insurance and it cost my about $20. Since I have troubles with Aleve ect., this was a big help.

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