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** Originally posted by bigblue **

Hi, 54 yr old male with P and PA. Had P for 34 yrs and PA for 8. I was able to get service connection rating for both. The best thing is I have no medical insurance and my only outlet is the VA Hospitals and clinics for meds and Docs.

Is there anyone out there that has service connection for P & or PA. Please let me know!

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** Originally posted by RDean **

I was retired from the AF with 40%disability . . . primarily psoriasis. VA rating was 50%, but this increased later to 70% and unemployability status. I was a service officer with the DAV for a few years so have considerable experience in service connected disabilities. If I can be of help contact me:

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** Originally posted by JRoberts **

I'm currently on active duty and have been for nearly 15 years. I've had P. for about 12 of them. Its gone from mild to almost severe during that time. TRICARE is currently footing the bill for UVB treatments at a civilian hospital in Korea at about $50 a session. The Army Doc has authorized 6 months to see how I respond and until a recent 2 week TDY I was in almost total remission, now going with out the light, its coming back strong. I'd be very interested in finding out if I'd qualify for a percentage when I retire in 5 years or so. Thanks.

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** Originally posted by Bobat **

I retired with 30 years service from the USAF in 1977 and applied for and got a VA disability. If you get time email at and I will fill you in on some of the things you should doto get prepared.

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** Originally posted by JRoberts **


Tried to email you but my note came back returned. Would still be interested in any and all info.


James Roberts
Seoul, Korea

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