Vaseline scalp lotion

** Originally posted by vishruth **

Hi! I'm a new member and have P over my body and scalp. I use vaseline everyday. Infact I buy vaseline like it's going out of fashion.

The other day I noticed that there's a vaseline lotion for the scalp. Has anybody used it? I was wondering whether it helps.

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** Originally posted by PJLeary **

Welcome. I've never used vaseline, but I would imagine it would help to keep one from getting all dried out.

I would think that vaseline in the hair would be messy and unattractive? Let us know if you try it.

PJ Leary

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** Originally posted by rdotson **

Sigh! More and more things I run across everyday make me ever more aware of how old I'm getting. Yes, indeed there is a Vaseline lotion for the scalp (ie; Vaseline Hair Tonic), and there has been since at least 1937. Though the label is very faded, I still have a bottle of it that must be at least 30 years old from back when it came in a glass container instead of plastic. It's essentially mineral oil with some fragrance added. Here's a little history of Vaseline Hair Tonic, with a link to a picture of it (too bad we can't post images on this forum):

1937 - Dr. Christian debuted on CBS radio. Jean Hersholt played the part of the kindly, elderly Dr. Christian who practiced on the air until 1954. Laureen Tuttle, Kathleen Fitz, Helen Kleeb and Rosemary De Camp played his nurse, Judy. The Dr. Christian theme song was Rainbow on the River. Sponsors of the show included Vaseline (petroleum jelly, hair tonic and lip ice).

Question: Sing the Vaseline Hair Tonic jingle.
"In the bottle and on your hair
The difference is clearly there
It's clear, it's clean
It's Vas-e-line
Hair Tonic for your hair!"

(Click on the link below to see a picture of it)

-- Ron ;-)

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