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Hi everyone,
Someone mentioned on here about evenly plus really helping their severe psorasis. I ordered it b/c I'm about at the end of my rope with other things. just received a small jar and small bottle of it. I will let you know my results after a couple of weeks. I'm a little skeptical and hate to spend money if it's a waste, but I'm frusterated and have tried so many different things. I tried Castor Oil last night, but it wasn't the cold pressed and my skin felt like it was burning, so washed it off...not sure if I was having a reaction to it. The itch, pain and unsightly patches are driving me crazy lately and getting me really down. I will post my results in a couple of weeks, so keeping my fingers crossed that this works! Stay tuned......

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This is cheap and natural

So many Inspire members claim this stops the itching immediately, moisturizes and helps remove scales.
Great for SCALP and skin. It's OTC, cheap/natural; worth a try! Read responses from Inspire members on link. -inflammatory/

Glycerin used (concentrated) alone is WAY too greasy to Tolerate)…anti-oxidant Witch Hazel seems to make it much more effective.

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hey gigi1234, I to have and continue to use the evenly plus ointment and roll on, remember it is a whole program plan to include natural herbs in your diet and limit process food and soda, also listen to your body, you have to exfoliate with a bath glove and apply as needed to prevent the flakes from building up on damp skin, never apply on dry skin, their website also have a lot of information for you to reference, keep us posted in your progress, my P had significant improvement , i had posted pictures on a post 1 year after treatment, at least with this product/program plan it is all natural, good luck and kindest regards.

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The goal of using the evenly plus ointment and program plan is to reduce the build up of plaques, reduce the inflammation /itching and allowing the skin to heal from the nourishing nutrients from the blend of oils , the improvement is so significant you will see the skin evening out, cracks becoming less and less and the skin will have little to no itching as long as you use the ointment immediately after washing and exfoliating with a wash cloth or bath glove, the great thing about this ointment I can use it all over including my face and ears to keep my Psoriasis at bay, COMPLIANCE is important , also daily intake of some natural herbs in your meals are recommended, garlic and cilantro with olive are my favorite, listen to your body , it is your greatest guide, the success I had is incredible, kindest regards.

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Thank you both for your replies! This is a constant upkeep and I know I need some patience. I will also take a look at my diet. I heard tomatoes are not good for P. I love tomatoes and V8 juice, spag. sauce. Maybe need to try to stay away from that for a while and see what happens. Hope you are both doing well with your P and if you can think of any other suggestions.....let me know. I don't get a chance to go on here as frequently as I would like to. Best of luck to both of you and thanks for your comments!

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Here are my results up until now. I have used evenly plus daily for about a month now. My P has not improved. I've applied right after my bath daily. It's a nice moisturizer, but did not seem to improve my P. Maybe what doesn't work for me....will work for others. Everyone is different.

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