tonsils removed help psoriasis?

** Originally posted by sevebanks **

does anyone have any knowledge or experience of psoriasis clearing/improving after getting the tonsils removed? i read of a few cases where psoriasis significantly improved. this may have something to do with the whole strep-throat trigger to psoriasis theory - not sure.

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** Originally posted by PJLeary **

Hi Steve Banks,

I recently visited this subject with my derm and my gp. Last year my derm suggested that I have an elective tonsilectomy in order to reduce the strep connection. When I brought the subject up with my internist gp, he said it was not going to help. He also said that it would be hard to get BCBS to pay for it. When I said I could pay cash, insurance not a problem, he offered to refer me to an Ear, Nose and Throat person, but said they would most likely turn it down.

I left it there. Hope that's helpful.


PJ Leary

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** Originally posted by sevebanks **


Thanks for your input. I plan on doing extensive research on the matter - documented cases of psoriasis clearing upon removal of tonsils are out there.

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** Originally posted by Marielle **

Hello! My name is Marielle and I have a 6 year old with 85% of her body covered with P. She right now is doing UVB sessions 3 times a week. She is getting a little better but not what the derm wants to see. I usually don't venture on this side of the message site but this caught my eye because the next step into trying to help Jessie is to take her tonsils and adnoids out. Ronnie(another P mom) had her daughters taken out and she was completely P free for a while. She now has a few spots but nothing like my Jessie. She sent me to a site which is a bunch of doctors talking well one of the doctors said
I've sent

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** Originally posted by sevebanks **

Keep me posted on how it goes with your daughter. I suppose most dermatologists are not well versed when it comes to tonsilectomy yet a few have seen outstanding results. TIME to track them down!!! And thanks for the website info.


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** Originally posted by RonnieNSN **

Hi there, I'm the other P mom Marielle mentioned. My daughter had both her tonsils and adnoids removed in October of last year. Prior to the surgery she had what I would consider moderate to severe psoriasis, moderate because it was primarily located on body parts that clothes would cover and severe because at times her scalp was so bad she was losing her hair. 3 months later she has mild psoriasis. I would venture to say that Mikey had about 100 to 150 "spots" (some larger than others) and now she has about 10. Where she used to have large patches now the biggest one is maybe the size of a lima bean. She has the guttate and inverse types of psoriasis.

As I've said before in other posts, I'm not 100% sure that surgery is what has cleared her up but if it isn't the reason then it sure is a big coincidence.

Take Care,

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** Originally posted by debT **

Hello Steve,

I'm new to the board, so I've just discovered this topic. I just wanted to let you know that having my tonsils out worked FOR ME. I had severe p since age 10, 80% to where I couldn't move without cracking and bleeding. Because strep would make it so much worse (I got it once a year), my doctor, through much convincing, took them out. That was when I was 19. I then went into remission -- and I mean totally clear!-- for 20 years. When I became pregnant at 39, it returned in a very mild form, a little on the scalp and elbows. I've since moved and my new doctor flatly refuses to believe the surgery had anything to do with my remission. To each his own - but I'm a believer!


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** Originally posted by makeitgoaway **

Hello Steve-


I had my tonsils removed in May. My tonsils were infected for years and I never did anything about it. I am also on the new side with P. Only had it about a year and the majority is guttate. I went to an ear nose and throat Dr. for P in my ear. He said a little ointment and the ear will be fine but when he looked in my throat he was shocked. They were the size of golf balls. He recommended that I get them out. My Derm. was very optimistic. He said he has seen cases of guttate go away after having tonsils removed. Unfortunately, my P has substantially worsened since having them out. Also, it was about the worst pain I have ever had in my life. They say the older you get, the worse the recovery and pain. I believe the logic behind removing them for P makes sense. But it did not help in my case.

PS - the whole ice cream thing is also a myth:mad: Makes your mouth full of mucus and you don't want to swallow:o Not a good combo!

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** Originally posted by SouthpawGrammer **

Seems abit extreme to be honest even for P..........a major op.

but thats just me

Paw xxx

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** Originally posted by kurtzu2 **

having my tonsils out cleared me for 3 years.

there's no history of P in my family. at age 35, i got strep and about 2 weeks later, began breaking out with GP. i had no idea what it was--freaked me out. i went to a doctor who had no idea what it was, and sent me to a dermatologist. the derm put me on antibiotics and a topical steroid, and the GP improved, but there were so many spots i couldn't hit them all. finally he light-boxed me and i cleared.

six months later, another strep, another outbreak of GP. same routine.

six months later, another strep. went to an ENT, who advised me to have my tonsils out. in her words, "those are the biggest tonsils i've ever seen." i had them removed with no problems (she was amazed at the lack of pain and how quickly i healed) and within 3 months i was completely clear of GP.

for three years, no GP. then i got a sore throat and broke out again. went back to my ENT, she removed some inflamed lymph tissue from my throat. alas, the GP never went away. while mine's not as bad as most of those posting on here, it's not pretty and i'm pissed that after a year, i'm not clearing. it gets better and worse, but no amount of sun, ultravate, etc. keeps new spots from appearing, especially on my shins and around my waist.

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** Originally posted by screamatorium **

I had my tonsils removed when I was a kid, and I always wondered if that was the source of all my alergy problems. Too bad I can't have them removed again, I would love 3 years of remission.

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** Originally posted by briangw **

I think that worked for me. I had my tonsils/adenoids removed in Dec and found that I have several smaller patches vs. the quarter-dollar size patches on each elbow.

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** Originally posted by luvwinnie **

I had my tonsils out at 18...developed p and pa at 35.

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** Originally posted by JKNY **

I am 48 had my tonsils out when i was 7 had P since age 19.

I would gladly have tonsils put back in and then taken out if that would get rid of P.

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** Originally posted by Egg **

I've had P for about 14 years. I had my tonsils out last September because I kept getting strep, and I always seemed to have a sore throat. I agree with Steve in saying that it was literally the worst 2 weeks of my life. You can't eat, drink, sleep, or even swallow without excrutiating pain. On the bright side though, I haven't had strep since then, and I rarely get sore throats anymore. Plus, I seem to get simple colds and the flu a lot less often now. Looking back, it was well worth it. I've also heard that some people can get through it without a whole lot of pain.

As far as my P goes, I have really seen no change. It does make sense why it would help, but for me it hasn't. Hope this helps. I didn't mean to scare anyone!

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** Originally posted by makeitgoaway **

I'm glad to see this thread back to life again. It's been almost a year since I posted the message above. I think my tonsils were removed in May of last year, so its been about 15-16 months.

After the tonsills were out, my psoriasis got much - much worse. I was covered with guttate on 65% of my body. Got to the point a few months later where Enbrel became my treatment of choice. I have been clear ever since. So in my case, having the tonsils out had no effect on helping clear my psoriasis. The upside is that since having them out, not one cold. I was always good for a few colds and at least one bout of bronchitis a year. :eek:

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** Originally posted by harlequinn **

It's different for everybody. I've still got my tonsils and I right now my guttate p is covering about 5% of me. I do remember some bad flare ups when I had this one strep throat infection 8 years ago. But I would like them removed just to prevent future tonsilitis.

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** Originally posted by pugsleysmom **

I had my tonsils and adnoids removed at age 6. I was diagnosed with P at age 15. In my case anyway, I don't think there's much of a connection unless removal helped trigger P.

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** Originally posted by sahminphx **


My husband has had p since he was a teenager. It's at it's worse now and for the last 6-8 months he has been sick with either throat problems and/or fever. (They have ruled out strep) but it has caused him to lose ALOT of work. He always gets a high fever. In June he had a fever of 104.9 for days! He has had another reoccurrence this month, and took another week from work off and is on antibiotics. One doctor mentioned the possibility of taking out his tonsils if his glands are still swollen next week. Another tried to blame it on MTX that he has only had 2 doses of--he has been having these occurences of illness for much longer than he has been taking MTX!!! They made us stop the MTX until he is done with the antibiotics. Ugggrh--just when we thought we were hitting the jackpot--we already have to stop for a while!

I am going to talk to the doctor about this removal of tonsils and the connection of p at our next visit.

Thanks for all your help and Iwish and pray for your relief--I know this is hard.

I'll keep checking back for any udpates, suggestions, etc.

Stay at home mom in Phoenix

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** Originally posted by giannimtl **

i had my tonsils removed in october (see posts that I had submitted previously durnin the month of October) under the recommendation on my ENT telling me that the strep infection was the underlying cause of my P.
I had NO improvement buth rather an increase in my P.
There is no direct link between strep, tonsilitis and P.

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** Originally posted by mtalbie **

Anecdotally, no. I had tonsils removed at age 17, mild psoriasis pre-op, over next three years went to severe psoriasis. Sorry.

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