Swollen lymph nodes while taking Humera

Often times swollen lymph nodes are a result of an infection. With Psoriasis, swollen nodes can be a process of the immune issues that are related to Psoriasis. When fatique is an issue then the immune system kind of kicks things up, and with you already having an immune issue, the glands can swell. I have Psoriadic arthritis, which is a result of Psoriasis. I take injections weekly, otherwise I would be unable to function from the pain associated to the arthritis.
I have recently experienced the swollen nodes in my neck asnd in my chest. I will need to be examined by my soon, to determine why my glands are swelling. I was told that infection, somewhere in my body is likely the culprit and not to worry about cancer. The risk of cancer while taking injections of Humera are increased. It is best to see your doctor.
Has anyone else experienced this same kind of thing?

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i had swollen glands in my neck and jaw line that lasted for several months while on humira. no cause could be found but eventually the humira stopped working and i went onto mtx/enbrel. as soon as i stopped the humira the swollen glands went away and it hasn't happened again since, besides when having an obvious cold or infection. my primary care doctor did tell me though that psoriasis can cause swollen glands, and for a while she attributed them to my scalp psoriasis.

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Your immune system is weakened while on biologics.
That opens the door for infections. One must be very careful
and diligent to ensure good health. Always keep your Dermatologist
and or Internist apprised of any unusual change in your health,
i.e. swollen glands, infections, fever, or any suspected side effects.
It's better to err on the side of caution, however, don't overreact or
over think it. P sufferers, me included, have a tendency to over react in connecting the dots in that that things are always going to get worse.
Use PMI, Positive Mental Imaging. Feel mentally good about yourself everyday. If you let yourself feel depressed, you'll be depressed. Think good thoughts, you'll be more self confidant and feel better. You're moving forward not backward!

Be well,


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I'm taking Humira/Mtx combo and have had a swollen lymph node in my neck since Oct, 2010!!! Since it's very sore and tender the doctor is fairly sure it's not lymphoma, but it will not return to normal. Have tried several courses of antibiotics with no luck so the surgeon has scheduled to remove it on the 21st. Outpatient surgery and fairly routine but still requires anesthesia.
I have stopped my meds for a couple of weeks until surgery is complete to allow my immune system to recover a bit. So far the pain is bearable and maybe I'll get lucky and not have to start them back!!!
I'll post after the lab results are in and let you know what the infection was....

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Good Luck, Emcee..please kept us posted!

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Good luck emcee,

Keep us posted whenever you are able to.

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i was on enbrel for approximately 10 years with great results. the effectiveness slowly left and i started having a flare in my feet and hands. my doctor put me on humira and i have had painful swelling in my lower lymphnodes. i have had all types of tests for infection without results my doctor is now doing scheduling an ultrasound and more tests for kidney stones. i am starting to think my body has reacted to the humira. anyone else had similar pain....

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I've been trying to update but couldn't find where I posted before! Not sure I like this new format.
Anyway, I had my neck surgery and they removed the lymph node successfully. The lab said definitely a viral infection that damaged the node. So NO LYMPHOMA!!! Yeah!!
I went off my meds for 2 weeks prior to surgery just to make sure of no secondary infections and after surgery decided to try and stay off meds for a while. So far I'm managing pretty well. My plans are to try and use steroids first and if that fails then hit it with the mtx followed by Humira if necessary!
Strangely a 3 year old boy around the corner from us just had the same surgery to remove lymph node with the same results so there obviously was a virus attacking people with lower immune systems.
So in summary, if your body is unable to defeat the virus and the node is sore and inflamed enough to prevent you from swallowing.....have it removed!!
Hope this is helpful.

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