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I was wondering if anyone has had problems with their lmph nodes being swollen around their ears and neck who have scalp psoriasis. I have a couple of nodes the doctors want to watch & say they think it is related to p. The trouble is lymphoma also runs in my family (both mom & grandma died) & I'm 28. If others have had this same thing than I think I could do the wait & see method but if not I want to biopsy one node. This would mean cutting though, scars (which doesn't matter) but also Koebner's effect which could mean a new patch. That definitely doesn't weigh up though to the consequences. So if anyone has a thought...
Cheryl, WA

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** Originally posted by PTener **


I have occasionally had swollen lymph nodes toward the back of my head, just above the hairline,for years. The MD always just says, "I don't know". I never correlated the swelling and tenderness to anything in particular until recently.

I have been utilizing some alternative medicine caregivers. Two different people told me I had some sort of infection in my gut. I have been taking some natural remedies, and whatever it was has cleared up. My gut feels better, the swelling and soreness in the nodes is gone, and the ps in and around my ears is clearing. My last big flare of ps was at the same time as I suffered from a bacterial infection in the form of an ugly cyst. I know there can be a connection between infection and ps.

We are all different, so I wouldn't be to quick to put off the biopsy. The biopsy would answer your question for sure, and could possibly set your mind at ease.

Good luck.

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Hi Cheryl -

I get swollen lymph nodes behind my ear right at my hairline when I am having a flare of scalp psoriasis. I've just recently had a swollen one on the left side that is just now starting to get back to normal. My general practitioner told me years ago that it is related to the psoriasis - that it's the body's natural response/defense against something that is not supposed to be there (the psoriasis!).

BUT...if I had lymphoma in my family like you do, I'd make sure...Good Luck!

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Hi Cheryl...I just came on to see if anyone ever gets a swollen lymph node in the back of their neck as the result of psoriasis. I'm glad you wrote as I need to see a neck specialist in 2 weeks. My question also is what type of time lags exist between an outbreak of scalp psoriasis and a swollen lymph node. The left side of my scalp in front of ear was the worst in March, beginning of April. A combination of the Pagano diet and Dovonex liberated me from psoriasis by May. In July I noticed a small swelling in my left lymph gland on the back of my neck. Does anyone have any comments on time lag between psoriasis outbreak and lymph node swelling or how long or what natural methods help the lymph nodes decrease. Thanks...Carl

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** Originally posted by kessler **

Dear Cheryl,
I'm in kind of the same position you are. A swollen lymph node at the back of the head on the hair line. My scalp psoriasis dissappeared about 3 to 4 months ago, though. I wonder if you can have this lag in time and how long they last. I hate to get a biopsy for nothing. Anyone know time scales??? Carl

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