Swollen lymph node in neck

My right neck lymph node is severly swollen for five days and I have moderate plaque ps on my scalp are they related? Have derm app on 8/22/11 any thoughts?

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hi Magoo 1972. I don't know if it is related to scalp psoriasis. But me, 2 days ago I woke up having swollen lymph nodes, found out its because of my infected tooth, not really because of the scalp P. So I started some antibiotics treatment last night, its almost gone now. Unless of course you have infected Psoriasis lesions in your scalp, its better that you inform your derm about it.

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Thank you

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Yes, this can happen from plaque scalp psoriasis I have the terrible prolem on an off. My MD sent me to a Surgeon thinking I might have cancerous cells in my lymph nodes. Not so said the Surgeon, it is the psoriasis attack and drip to the lymph nodes.
I find this happens to me when my scalp breaks up from too much scracthing or if I use a regular shampoo. Head and shoulders for drandruf makes me break out. The best and cheapest is Tar Shampoo.

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OMG!! Me too- except until today I had no idea they could be related. I was sent for blood tests and scans, etc and nothing came back conclusive except that it was not cancer. Specialist said it could be any of a million things and only to go back to him if they got much worse- like golf balls. I was happy it wasn't cancer, but otherwise was not happy with inconclusive results. Today I saw something that said it can be cause by yeast?? I had real problems for about 6 mos last year with yeast infections in another place ;). I have three swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. They sometimes seem to ache, but I try hard to never touch them. It seems if I do, then my neck muscles hurt the next day. Almost like I am pushing out a poison into the neck. :( I have had scalp P for about 8 years now and just started getting small skin patches ( one at a time) in the last few months.

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i had two right above my collar bone my doctor told me that it was more than likely from my P also but then i had to have the gal bladder removed and they went away so i'm still not sure which one caused it the P on my neck or the infected galbladder.. anyway i went from only having P on my joints elbow knees and fingers now i have gone to having it everywhere i am as bad now as i was when i first got it at 4 years old and my body hurts so bad.. for 2 weeks after my surgery i felt better than i had in two years now i'm broke out and itching ( wasn't even itching before) and hurt every where. i find my self stuggling with work due to itching and hurting ( being a bank teller you kinda need to concentrate) my dermatologist is starting me on enbril so i'm really hoping it works. In the 40 years i have had psoriasis i have tried everything they have and they only work for a little while, so i'm really keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to all of you

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