Sulfur and Lard treatment

Hi! I have had psoriasis for a number of years as well as diabetes so life has been fun(?)... I think not... scales all over my house and especially in my bed... itching, bleeding along with high blood glucose... it goes on and on....

However, an elderly lady gave me a recipe that she used to clear her husband's psoriasis up.... she said to mix 1 tablespoon lard with 1 tablespoon sulfur and apply to the psoriasis... I got some sulfur yesterday at the pharmacy so last night I mixed it it... I don't like the texture .. it is gritty... I applied it to my cracked right hand ( didn't want to put it all over me).. This morning the redness was still there but it doesn't hurt as bad so after breakfast I applied more to my hand and then to the big patch on my left leg.. there is some tingling but apparently that means it is working. The GOOD thing doesn't smell as bad as I thought it would.... I smell like a box of matches which is a relief cuz I thought I'd smell like rotten eggs.
I'll keep you posted as to how it is working for me.

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Hi weezieg,
I use sulfer for last 1 year. It works much better than corticosteroids(desonide,desoximetasone,clobetasol). What i found is that corticosteriods triggers psoriasis to different parts of the body. But sulfer does not trigger to any other parts. It works very slow clearing P. But, it does not bring p back.
BTW, I buy this cream from India when i go. Its around 40 cents a tube. Looks like it is around $10 here in US. .html

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try this; cheap w/ NO odor!\

Try this. Soooooooooooooooo many Inspire members claim it stops the itching IMMEDIATELY,
reduces the redness and scaling. Great for SCALP and skin. It's OTC, cheap/natural ....worth a try! -inflammatory/

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Thank you for your replies.... I will consider these after I give my sulfur and lard a fair chance... I am finding that it is very drying on the hands but not on my legs for some reason. But it has only been 24 hours since I started using it.

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24 hours of treatment will give no indication of usefulness.
Lighten up Kay. A more widely used recipe was suggested. Big deal!
Sulfur and animal fat compared to topical steroids for P treatment is a good one!. What crazy treatment has not been tried by someone?
Remember the disease process is immunological in origin. It is not a skin disease per se. Therefore all topical treatment relief is temporary. Signifant response to treatment will only occur with modifications to the dysfunctional immune system. This is the current thinking with most of catagorized auto-immune disorders.

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Yea Kay,
Lighten up are you having a bad day? I used the glycerin as well and I had to add more witch hazel then 50% but its not the only thing, I switch from various remedies. Currently I have been using witch hazel and salicylic/20 gel peel sprayed on my lesions. I alternate with Clobex Spray. We all have our own ideas and we share in the hope of helping each other. I suggested fumaric acid from Vitamin Research Products because I think it has allowed my lesions to go from horrible itching bleeding lesions over 90% of my body to dry lesions on my legs and mostly faded lesions on the rest of my body. I push it because it was helpful to me. Its not a cure, we all know this, but it sure does make this disease bearable. Hope you feel better.

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Okie dokey guys. I deleted my opinionated comment as a way to "lighten up." I have not been feeling well and very irritable. Sometimes I don't see how bad it is til I've run my mouth about something that's been annoying the h*ell outta me.

Carry on!

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I hadn't heard of that recipe. Thanks for sharing let us know how you go I think sometimes old fashioned remedies could help as that is all they had back then and they managed.Sometimes simple methods may help or at least moisturise and we need all the moisture we can get.My daughter just returned from New Zealand and she brought me a cake of volcanic sulphur soap and it definately has an odor to it. Haven't used it yet as I don't want to smell like and egg sandwich.The rotten egg comment cracked me up. cheers.

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I stopped using it on my hands because the "ointment" seems gritty and having that feeling between my fingers was not pleasant plus it seemed to be drying my skin..I would think it is the sulfur that is drying it.. on my leg the scales rub off now when I apply the "ointment" and there is no bleeding so I will continue to use it... I don't know how often I should be using it so I am just applying it morning and evening for now.

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Hi Weezieg,
As per my Homeopathy doc suggestion, I use it twice a day. As you can see that the ointment was differnt... not sure about the drying.. however, mine does not dry the skin and it does not moisture it either. After applying Sulpher, i apply Vaseline petroleum jelly to keep my hands and feet moisturized.

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Does anyone else feel like the clobetesol spreads the sores? I see vijaypsoriasis said that I now think I used to be able to walk in mild pain but since a year of clobetesol I now have raw bleeding sores all over both feet and cannot walk without tip toeing and wanting to just cry but I can't !

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I believe "Hylands Sulphur 30x" has cleared the psoriasis on my body. I can't find the article or comment that made me even think of trying it. I ordered it online at swansonvitamins, a bottle of 250 tablets for $5.39. They are tiny pills and you dissolve 4 under your tongue four times a day. I have not taken the dose over twice a day and even only once a day. They dissolve quickly and there is no taste. My spots of psoriasis "deactivated", they turned from red to flesh colored and now some areas are invisible and all are very faded.

I have had scalp "seborrhea dermatitis" for over fifty years and have kept it somewhat in check with coal tar shampoo and betamethasone cream until the last five years and now it covers my entire scalp. Recently I broke out in psoriasis looking spots on my hands, elbows, upper arms, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles. My elbows were solid white and the other spots varied from red to pink with scaliness. My dermatologist said it was psoriasis and the scales on my scalp were psoriasis and not "seb.derm." as he and every dermatologist I have seen over the fifty years had previously thought.

He prescribed clobetasol propionate for the body spots. I used that twice a day for two days and the spots turned even more red, seemed to enlarge a tiny bit, and there seemed to be more of them. I stopped using it. I went back to two Benadryl a night, which had seemed to improve the spots while I was waiting for my doctor’s appointment. The spots improved again, but I only took the Benadryl one night, whereas previously I had taken them five nights in a row with some improvement.

Also while waiting for my appointment, somewhere online I had read about sulphur 30x helping psoriasis and had ordered two bottles. Today I searched the Internet for info on this - sulfur psoriasis - and found none. I searched vitaminshoppe, and could not find the sulfur pills. I even searched swansonvitamins for sulfur and these pills did not come up. Only when I entered the "Item Number" from my invoice, did the bottle come up on the swanson site. It is HY103 and the label reads "Sulphur 30X Rash and Eczema."

Just now I thought to search my "favorites" to see if I had saved the article. Thank goodness I did. It is at and is titled "Homeopathic Treatment for Psoriasis on Scalp". It lists other treatments I have never heard of.

I don't know if this is going to help my scalp or not. The derm. gave me Fluocinolone Acetonide Oil for my scalp and it is helping a little. My face did not break out in psoriasis spots, but my entire forehead and my laugh crease area had turned red and were stinging, itching like it was going to break out. I was supposed to use FA Oil on my face, but after one day and night of that, it was definitely worse, so I stopped and went back to betamethasone, which had been only slightly helping. I have overused betamethasone since 1973 and the doctor wants me to stop it. It has become less effective anyway. Since taking the sulfur pills, my face stopped itching and most of the redness is gone.

If you try the sulfur, please let us know the results. It is probably available at healthfood stores, but if you can't find it, Swansons delivers quickly and they are reliable. I have taken the four Hylands Sulphur 30X pills about four maybe five days, at most twice a day, and may have even forgotten one day. There is just no other explanation for this stuff disappearing so quickly. I have had it for about two months.

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FORGOT to say, always check with your doctor before trying the Sulphur 30X or any new treatments.

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I had to stop using the sulfur and lard treatment... it was making water blisters on my skin and became very painful so I am just applying vaseline to keep the scales softened.. going to try the Dr.Bronner's baby soap in hopes that I can at least have a shower once in awhile... this sponge bathing while wearing vinyl gloves is a nuisance.

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