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** Originally posted by judyweaves **

When I was 7 or 8, I was hospitalized for three days with a bad case of strep throat. My temperature was 104 or 105.

Recently I've been wondering if the strep may be a factor in my developing PA. I wasn't diagnosed with PA until my 40's, but I think it may have started earlier.

I also had bad eczema as a baby and toddler. I've been thinking about these things and wondering why I got PA. I just sent away for a DNA test with This test gives detailed information about ancestry, health traits, etc. It will be interesting to see if I have any genetic markers for P or PA.


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** Originally posted by Nano **

Interesting, Judy! I had strep throat so badly as a youngster, my tonsils are mostly eaten away. I don't know if it is connected, but HEY! It doesn't hurt to pursue every little idea, ya know? =D

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** Originally posted by Sunnysideup **

I had strep alot too. The last time was in about 1989 I was so sick and dizzy husband had to wait on me and help me to the bathroom. I think I had what they call "toxic strep" which is dangerous. I was thinking don't people with P get strep more for some reason??

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** Originally posted by LittleMermaid **

I had strep a lot when I was a child and still get it quite frequently when I get around anyone with it. I had an ear nose and throat doc call me "Typhoon Mary" because I have high amounts of strep in my body at all times. Every time they do a ASO blood test it is never less than 400 which is high.

I never get a sore throat when I get strep never have, still have my tonsils and they are huge. Doc's always say your tonsils are enormous. The way I know I have strep is if I start running a fever and get dizzy alot. Then I look at my tonsils to see if there is any pus and blood on them.

I really think it could be a link to my PsA too.

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