Strep throat and teeth infections

I've heard that psoriasis can stem from infections related to strep thraot that is undetectable. Does anone know how you would test for this?

I've also read that poor teeth can have an affect as well. I have 3-4 old root canal teeth still in my mouth that could be infected that I don't know about. Has anyone expieienced this. Im considering having them all removed.

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Infections can iritate psoriasis, but psoriasis does not come from them. It is a genetic disorder that effects your immune system. So obviously any infections can worsen symptoms or cause outbreaks. If you are concerned of infection, you should make an appointment with your doctor (for strep - which is highly contaigous) or dentist - with the teeth issue.

Many things can trigger psoriasis, from foods you eat to the allergens in the air. Some people swear the different seasons trigger outbreaks.

I have heard and read a lot of positive information on increasing fruit and vegetable intake, whether by juicing or eating them (not canned or boiled). Avoiding sugar and high fatty foods (aka healthy diet). Exercise also seems to lessen the outbreaks - at least for me.

**You should make an appointment with a dermatologist to get the best treatment and recommendations during an outbreak.

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For tooth and gum discomfort etc. consider brushing with pure glycerin. It breaks through biofilm and dehydrates bacteria on contact. Seems to spread and work right down to the roots.

If I'd started using it sooner, I'd still have all my teeth, instead of just a few! >:(

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Remember Dottie from the old message board,before it morphed onto here?She is the one who got me to thinking that chronic inflammation could be one possible cause for this damn P.There are a lot of things that lead to chronic inflammation.One of them is infections and gum disease.Here is a web site that explains it better than I can- _cause_of_disease_and_what_to_do_about_it.htm

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Really. Is that safe to be in your mouth. I don't know anything about glycerin. What its used for etc. I am pretty convinced at this point that its my teeth/jaw infection that causes my psoriasis. I completely got rid of psoriasis through diet and removing a horribley infected tooth about a year ago. Now my psoriasis is back and low and behold myh teeth have pain.

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HI there,
yes, I just received news that the scientific community is considering that strep throat and a prior skin infection can lead to psoriasis. Look it up. I would get checked by a doctor. The genesis of psoriasis is debated all the time in the scientific world, as to date, It is an auto-immune disease or disorder. Many are leaning toward diet, studies are done here in the states, these are theories. Without hypothsis, we would never know anything. So keep researching.

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I adore you brian you and the glycerin, it works for me. love ya

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glycerin is a triglyceride derived from fat, plant fat, animal fat, ect. It is safe to eat, it sweet tasting unless it is not pure. You want pure glycerin. It is cheap, five dollars, at cvs. Good Luck!

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I am sorry, it is a constituent of triglycerides made by your body, plants ect . It is not toxic. It use to be used for antifreeze before ethylene glycolcide(which is very toxic).

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Yes, glycerin is a food alcohol, GRAS-rated by the FDA, and an ingredient in many foods, from candy to icecream to raisins. You will be amazed at how it clears mouth problems.

GrammarNasty note: it's "lo and behold". Unless you're using "low" to mean Verb: Make a low noise, characteristic of bovines. ;)

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I've never had strep or infected teeth or gums. I think my psoriasis may be a result of long-term stress. I also was exposed to a lot of chemicals on my hands. My parent & grandparents never had psoriasis or strep either. One day, I woke up with psoriasis on my hands & feet. I have read that strep & teeth/gum disease can trigger flares. Mouth disease can cause other problems too. I don't know why I got psoriasis. . .

Kay :)

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Anything used in excess is damaging, including glycerin.

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Stripedlurker, what is considered excess use of glycerine? I just bought some.

Thanks. Kay:)

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That link is unadulterated crap. The moisture that glycerin draws comes from the same source that the whole body gets it: the circulatory system. Aside from drawing moisture, glycerin also promotes proper skin layering, and slows growth down to the normal month + for full skin cycling from the 4-7 days that psoriasis causes.

As for "hydrating", drinking water and fluids has virtually zero effect on the skin. If it was a solution, it would have been obvious hundreds of years ago!

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Re-confirmed by my Rheumy at Loyola University Medical Center, Psoriasis is definitely auto-immune, and is definitely a "genetic disorder". With that being said in order to "activate or flare up" many different factors have to come together. Infections can be one of those factors. They do not cause the disease, they can "trigger or flare it up". From a medical viewpoint.

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