Strep and toothbrushes

** Originally posted by DottieD **

Today I discussed the problem of strep and p with a nurse practitioner who treats a lot of strep, and she told me that if you get a strep infection you should throw away your old toothbrush and get a new one. Then after you have completed the antibiotic treatment, throw that toothbrush away and start using another new one. Evidently, toothbrushes are harborers of strep bacteria.

I occasionally soak my toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide to kill any germs, but I plan to do this more frequently and also change toothbrushes more frequently.

Just wanted to share this info.


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** Originally posted by Uniqua **

Great info! In general, I think it's good to clean your toothbrushes, even if you don't have a known infection. As part of my cleaning-the-bathroom routine (once a week or so), I fill up the cup that houses our toothbrushes halfway with mouthwash. Then I drop the toothbrushes back in, bristle end down, overnight. This helps kill those errant germs that collect daily.

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** Originally posted by deemah **

Toothbrushes are known to harbor all types of bacteria and viruses. I've read that you should also replace your toothbrush after getting rid of a cold. There are methods to sterilize your toothbrush between uses. I've seen some electronic gadgets made for this purpose. Oh, yeah, they say the worse place you can store your toothbrush is on top of the toilet tank. YUK!!! :eek:

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** Originally posted by cakp12 **

You can minimize bacteria on the brush by using more than one and letting them totally dry between uses. Most viruses/bacteria need moisture to survive.

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** Originally posted by partial **

I have a friend that is kind of a germaphobe. He got a sonic toothbrush with a UV steralizer at Costco.

Put the toothbrush in the steralizer after use and it is supposed to be germ free for the next use.

I have used ther sonicare for years because it works so well, but dont have the steralizer so never worried too much about cleaning it. Might be worth a shot it you like the sonicare type of toothbrush.

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