Stiff, painful neck on one side

** Originally posted by SandraJean **

Hi everyone,

I have been having a constant stiff, painful neck on my right side for over 2-3 weeks now. I'm unable to turn my neck to the left and the pain is constant. It feels like it starts up as high as behind my ear and travels down the neck into the top of my shoulder. I have PsA but it's never been like this in my neck. I see my rheumatologist on September 10 and am hoping to find out more answers then.

Has anyone else had this and what have you done for it.? I've taken pain pills, am on Humira but was off it for a couple of months due to a leg ulcer. I use the thermaphore heating pad on it and have rubbed it down with liniment. I bought a neck massage with heat also.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. This is hurting so bad.



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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi sandy,
im sorry to here of youe neck, my boss get's a stiff neck and turn his head. he takes musle relaxers and it helps him. i hope this helps some and that you find some thing that will help. i wish you the best my friend

try and have a good weekend all


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** Originally posted by wildflowerAnn **

Hi Sandy,
My rheum prescribed Flexeril for my neck, and it works very well. Does make me sleepy though, so I take it at bedtime when needed. Hope you find something that helps.

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** Originally posted by AnnieB **

There are many stretches than can help. Also warm heat (which you are trying). Can't speak to medication. I'm always a big booster of having some sessions with a physical therapist whenever you run into shoulder/neck/back problems. Even before I had PA I would pull neck muscles once in a while and they would take a while to work out. Is there anything in particular you have been doing to aggravate your neck? Now that I have a bunch of exercises and stretches in my head, I can start doing them immediately when I feel a problem coming on.

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** Originally posted by Mybadgenes **

Hi Sandy,

So sorry to hear of your pain in your neck. That is one of the most aggravating things. I have often wondered why this happens as it seems to do so for no good reason. AND, it is miserable!! :( Sometimes I think it is how I slept.

Everyone has given you all of the suggestions I would have. Flexeril helps or maybe Skelaxin?? Pain meds are usually needed at times. Do you have any Vicodin? Sometimes it can become so inflamed it will make your arm numb and achey. Try some ice and then heat. With injuries it is ice the first day and then heat the second but we don't know if yours is an injury or inflammatory.

So hope it gets better quickly.....Baby Kya needs you!!


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** Originally posted by nyoki **

Pain meds alone don't help when I have stiff neck pain. I need a muscle relaxer as well, usually flexiril but have also used skelaxen. Someone on these boards suggested a hot rice sock and I found that helped a lot. I just take a tube sock, fill it w/ uncooked rice, tie off the end, heat for 30 sec in microwave and wrap it around my neck. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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** Originally posted by SandraJean **

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I know know some more things to talk to the Doctor about and more things to try at home.

I have one of those rice bags and haven't used it yet. I think I'll try that today. Also a muscle relaxant seems to be a very good idea. I try to move my neck around as much as I can to see if I can't loosen it up too.

I've heard of Flexeril, but not the Skelaxin. I'll mention those to the doctor when I go in. I have oyxcodene for pain but that isn't even touching it.

Thanks for all the ideas.


PS Thanks for the call Karen----it helped

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** Originally posted by DejaVu **

with a light "mist" of water. This will give you moist heat and the rice/sock (or bag) are less likely to burn in the microwave.

I use shawls made of rice and spices, as they hold the heat for a very long time! Yet, the tube sock is also a great way to hold heat and have flexibility to surround the neck and/or specific joints, as well! (You can adjust the "flexibility" by the amount of dry rice added.)

Some people also add herbs/spices of their choice. I know of many choosing to throw in a clove (or more). Add any herb/spice you like! The heat helps to intensify the aroma!

Stiff necks can be so very painful!

I hope you are feeling better!

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