Started Stelara today!

I received my first stelara injection today for guttate p. Very exciting. Would like to know good and bad experiences with the drug please :-)

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Good Luck!! I just got my second loading dose last Friday for guttate P also.

I really haven't seen any results I credit to the shot... the second shot has made me very sick, and flared any clearness I've obtained from diet changes. My skin seems to be starting to calm down, but I still feel lowsy!

A lot of people have good results though... I am still expecting to clear with it, but not relying on it. I'm following Dr. Pagano's regimen because I do not want to stay on Stelara, but the doctors are insistent on my giving Stelara a chance to help me clear.

I hope you see fast results.. guttate is a pain isn't it! If you don't mind me asking, how badly do you have guttate and how long?

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I have had 4 shots and find this drug amazing. Saw results after shot 1 and was clear after shot 3. No side affects to worry about. 6 of us started stelara around the same time and all of us are clear. Good luck!!

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never tried it.
but i like to read about it's success rate for the different forms of p.
is it more successful treating plaque,arthritis,ppp,or guttate type?
it's effectiveness and side effects probably varies with everyone

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I had very little in the way of side effects, headaches plus tiredness and a flu like episode for a couple of days after second 90mg injection . After the first injection I had a slight improvement but nothing much, after the second injection I had the side effects and at one week plus it started to improve and now I am at nearly four weeks I have had really fantastic improvements but I have had a couple of area's that have got slightly worse like in my ears and behind them. I have had P in the genital area increase which is a problem that I have not had for several years but these have also now improved slightly so I am hoping it will continue to do so.
P and PA is a funny complaint as what works for one has no effect on another and that apply's to side effects as well though I have heard many good results with Stelara since I went on to it. Best wishes jen1226 I am sure you will be very happy with the results.

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Thanks guys! Im optimistic, and do appreciate all your feedback. Natalierk: I was diagnosed with guttate when i was about 7. Only a few small spots here and there but as im getting older it has just progressed more and more . As of now, both legs arms stomach chest and lower back are covered, almost looks like all the spots are connecting as there are very large patches on my belly and shins, and is starting on the tops of my hands and feet, but there are small spots just about everywhere besides my face, thank the lord.

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jen you poor thing... I feel ya... although I just got mine 5 months ago, but full blown! haven't been able to get rid of it since... hoping Stelara will help out too. Keep posting progress for us to follow, I will do the same :)

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I received my first injection around three weeks ago, and have not noticed much change yet. At best my psoriasis seems to be not quite as severe, but I have not started to clear. I am hopeful though. I have had very good results with embrel, humira and Simponi but all lost effectiveness after about a year and a half give or take. I have not experienced any side effects.

Good luck with your treatment jen1226.

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I had little effect until the end of week 1 of the second dose of Stelara and then it started getting a little better and now I am on week 5 of the second dose and the results are fantastic.All areas are clearing at an outstanding rate now and bearing in mind that after I finished with the MTX I was covered at about 65-70% so now I have very little P left I am more than pleased with Stelara .

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I just started Stelara today. I had been on Enbrel for 1.5 years before it stopped working and Humira for 6 years. The humira stopped working about 3 months ago. Took quite a while to get approved via my derm for Stelara. I too have guttate P and it is pretty bad right now. Hoping to see improvement- long road usualy on biologics.

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