So, what does a low blood palette count mean?

** Originally posted by Rolacoy **

The doctor's office called this morning and told me that my blood test last week showed a low blood palette count. They did not give me numbers, which would not have meant anything to me anyway. They told me that they were sending the info to my primary doctor and that I needed to go see him. I am going next Tuesday.

I asked the nurse if palettes were not the little white things in blood that stop up a puncture hole and stop the blood from leaking out, she said yes.

Enlighten me.

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** Originally posted by ginnylee **

Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Methotrexate. Here's a paragraph from the link below:

"When you are started on methotrexate, ask about your doctor's practice for monitoring and follow-up. For example, some physicians will call you only if your test results are abnormal, while others call to report even normal results. Others expect you to call in to check on your labs - and may want you to stop the drug if you can't call in. That's because, occasionally, your white blood cell count can drop suddenly, leaving you at risk for infection. In such instances, continuing the drug can be dangerous but stopping it generally causes the count to return to normal."

Here's the whole article:

I highly recommend that you wait until you talk to your doctor on Tuesday before you make any changes.

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** Originally posted by DEBAK **

I cant believe she did not give you more information than that. Yes platelets are to part of your blood that stops bleeding...but remember bleeding can occur on the inside as well as the outside. If you have any abdominal pain or black tarry stool or bright red blood in stool or urine go to the Emergency room. If you cut or scrape yourself and can not stop the bleeding with 5 minutes of direct pressure go to the ER. Was she gonna call your lab results to your DR today? Next Tuesday is a long time to wait depending on what the results are ( how low your platelet count is). Call the nurse back and ask her how low it is and if you need to be really concerned and make sure she calls the results to your Dr. today...he may want to see you before next week. Also I I recall correctly you are fairly new on Methotrexate are you not? If so Talk to the Dr before you take your next dose, they may want to adjust your dose or even stop it depending on how low your count is. Was this a rhuematology or dermatology office that called you? Be careful not to cut yourself...use an electric razor if possible. Keep us posted.

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** Originally posted by boneyard **


Debak is right on about the signs you should watch for, but do not worry too, too much. You have two main blood clotting systems in your body. Platelets do more superficial work (they are produced in your bone marrow). Clotting factors made by your liver do more of the deep bleeding work.

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** Originally posted by Rolacoy **

The call came from my Arthritis Dr's nurse, Connie. I called back and she told me that the number was 119 and that normal was 140-400. She said that it was not low enough to be an emergency but I need to see why it is low. I also ask if I should take the MTX shot next Saturday and she said yes. She also said that MTX should not effect my palette count. I will call my primary Dr's office Friday to see if they have got the info.

I have been on MTX for a little over a year. During my visit with the DR last week we decided to go from 8 units to 9 units of MTX. The needles that I use are insulin needles and they say that they are 1mL when full.

I am working in the garage on a project using Bondo and fiberglass. I am sculpturing a chair. It is normal for me to cut or stick something in myself nearly daily, "small cuts" I think yesterday was the last time. It seemed to stop bleeding normally.

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** Originally posted by Rolacoy **

I read the article that you linked to, thanks for the info. No blood this evening so I can not check my bleeding. Maybe tomorrow. lol I am feeling very good. I worked in the garage from 7 to 12, 2 to 5 and 7 to 9. Thats 10 hours, mostly on my feet, hand sanding, using a drill with a sanding disk and spreading Bondo. Bondo is what they use to repair the finder on your car when you have an "oops".

I am a 69 year old "RETIRED" commercial artist. I am building a chair, well if you can call it that. It will house my computer system and I plan to sleep in the chair once it is completed.

I did state that I am an artist, some people think that I am a little strange. lol

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** Originally posted by kptruck **

There are medications that can help this problem too.

Ive always wondered why any doctors office would have the nurse call someone at home and give them test results. All it does it make someone worry for who knows how many days before they can get to the doctor.

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** Originally posted by Rolacoy **

Went to the doctor today and he said the low palette count was probably nothing to worry about. He checked the chart over the last 8 months and it has been running well in the normal. My blood pressure was 120/80. He said that sometimes it drops down and that I might have to stop taking the little aspirin for a while.

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