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howdy, this website is a casino-like labyrinth to me. so, I am posting because I can't figure out how to find all posts that mention silver colloid...
Last week I was diagnosed with psoriasis via a biopsy. I can pinpoint both of my outbreaks within a day of two stressful incidents a few months apart. Also, the locations of each breakout correlate with were I was applying vaseline or astringent. Is this indicative of anything else I should know about my version of psoriasis??
Silver colloid [internal and topical] has been "curing" my rashes successfully! Is there anyone out there who has had similar experiences??? I have read that silver colloid solving psoriasis is "quackery" and "unheard of" in the psoriasis community... But I cant have just made medical history. that is ridiculous. Thank you for any insight or any hints towards navigating posts, keyword "silver colloid" !

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Would this be the same as Colloidal Silver ? I tried this on my hands and feet. Did not do it very long before switching to glycerin so I can not give you an answer. I do remember it seemed to help at first and then after a week or so it was not helping so I moved onto the glycerin and vaseline.

How long have you been applying it?

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I think anyone going to try this should watch the Video above and also check out what others are saying about Colloid Silver.

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I started drinking and applying HOMEMADE colloidal silver to my face and bellybutton and pubic area when I thought it was a resistant fungal infection induced by stress... One week later I got the biopsy results that said yes to psoriasis and Nay to fungus. I was super surprised... Anyways by then the rash on my face and bellybutton was 98% gone and my pubic rash was at least 50% better... Today is three weeks since silver colloid treatment began and I can still see a stubborn remnant of the rash on part of my face and my pubic area continues to heal gradually.
Also, it should be said that my psoriasis seems unique to the stories I read online... mine correlates only to locations where I was applying vaseline lotions or a tea tree/witch hazel astringent. weird. the rashes appeared on two separate occasions within a day of two Very stressful events, two months apart from each other. there is no known psoriasis in my family, I am 36, and Yes, I get strep throat about once a year [maybe never again after the silver colloid treatment?] I would love to find any stories out there with similarities to mine.
I have done a lot of research about silver colloid and recommend to anyone interested to do their own research and be discerning about the information you find. It is a medicine and should be treated like one... The only way to really know what you are getting is to make it yourself, also, it doesn't make monetary sense to not make it yourself... efficacy is related to the smallness of the particles, ppm should be between 5 and 20, any higher and the risk of 'large particles' is not worth it and it may not help you. I am still learning about it.

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I have never heard any mention of collidal silver on this site,
but this is what I (and many on this site) use:

I have used all the creams/ointments, even the $500 Taclonex (which worked for a month, then nothing)!
I have Plaque Psoriasis.

Try this: U do not need a scrip. It's safe, CHEAP and it WORKED for me.
You have nothing to lose!!
Just be patient:

Glycerin mixed 50/50 w/ witch hazel (ALCOHOL FREE version may be better). Witch hazel is very soothing. The regular W.H. w/ alcohol stings some Ps sufferers. You may have to order it on-line.
It is so easy to apply the mixture from a spray bottle. It gets rid of 80- 90% of redness and scales.

On my very bad lesions I RUB it in VIGOUROUSLY w/ finger tip and the next day it already looks a little better; LESS RED and less scaly!
It is great for the skin and SCALP.

1) First wash hair/scalp w/ “T +Plus Therapeutic Shampoo”
(includes Coal Tar and can only be purchased at Target…VERY CHEAP!)
Don’t wash hair too often; it DRIES scalp.
2) Then apply the Glycerin mix to scalp w/ finger tips and massage in. Try to do this once a day or
more if U R at home

Don't apply glycerin concentrated because it is too gooey, then you have to wipe it off.
Apply this mixture daily (twice per day): skin stays moist for most of the day.
RUB it in so it's not too thick and gets ABSORBED. It absorbs into skin quickly.
It takes about THREE weeks to be noticeably effective.
This mixture is miraculous for me. You can have the mngr of CVS or Walmart order Glycerin to the store so you will not have to pay for shipping. My local stores did not have it here in Miami.
Buy Glycerin: $3 in Walmart, $5 in CVS: uctId=483707&WT.mc_id=Shopping_Feed_Products_Google_Free_Listing

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from Wikipedia:

Adverse health effectsFurther information: Silver and Argyria
According to Lansdown, the risk expected due to clinical exposure to silver is "minimal", as only chronic ingestion or inhalation of silver preparations leads to an accumulation of silver in the human body that can cause argyria, argyrosis (accumulation of silver in the eye), and other conditions.[12] Silver-based products are contraindicated for people who are allergic to silver.[12] The reference dose, published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1991, which recommends the estimated daily exposure that is unlikely to incur an appreciable risk of deleterious effects during a lifetime, is 5 µg/kg/d; meaning 5 micrograms of silver per kilo of weight per person each day – about 1 liter of 10 ppm colloidal silver per month for a 66 kg person.[17] An article from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine points out silver nitrate and silver sulfadiazine can have negative side effects, and they must be applied to the body externally and not taken internally.[2]

The chronic intake of silver products and the silver buildup from colloidal silver can result in an accumulation of silver or silver sulfide particles in the hair, skin, kidneys, liver, heart and muscles due to high methionine-containing proteins, such as keratin, myosin, tropomyosin, troponin, and key dipeptide glutathione. Serious neurologic (such as seizures), renal, or hepatic complications, as well as headaches, stomach distress, fatigue, and skin irritation have been reported.[57][58] if ingested, colloidal silver may react with certain drugs, such as Penicillamine, thyroxine, quinolones, and tetracyclines.[59] One death has been reported in the medical literature which the authors felt was due to silver toxicity resulting from repeated oral ingestion of colloidal silver.[60] Colloidal silver can reduce the absorption of some medications, including tetracycline and quinolone antibiotics and can bind to penicillamine, thereby reducing the effectiveness of those medications.[16]

As in photography (where silver is used due to its reactivity with light), silver particles in the skin darken with exposure to sunlight, resulting in a blue or gray discoloration of the skin. This condition is known as argyria, which is a dermatological condition characterized by grayish-blue pigmentation of the skin, nails, gums, and deep tissues; and, in similar manner, it can lead to silver in the eye (argyrosis) and in other organs.[12] Localized argyria can occur as a result of topical use of substances containing silver, while generalized argyria results from the chronic ingestion of such substances.[57] Argyria was long believed to be irreversible,[49] but recently, laser therapy has been used to treat it with satisfactory cosmetic results.[61][62][63] The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) describes argyria as a "cosmetic problem",[64] although some people consider it to be socially debilitating.[65][66]

[edit] RegulationIn August 1999, the FDA banned colloidal silver sellers from claiming any therapeutic or preventive value for the product, noting colloidal silver was being marketed for numerous diseases without evidence of safety or effectiveness.[48] As a result, the product now has the status of a dietary supplement in the US; it can be promoted with general "structure-function" claims, but cannot be marketed as preventing or treating any illness.[48] Following this ruling, the FDA has issued numerous Warning Letters to Internet sites that have continued to promote colloidal silver as an antibiotic or for other medical purposes.[67][68]

In 2002, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) found there were no legitimate medical uses for colloidal silver and no evidence to support its marketing claims. Given the associated safety risks, the TGA concluded "efforts should be made to curb the illegal availability of colloidal silver products, which is a significant public health issue."[69]

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Wow. happy day. after being diagnosed for two weeks with psoriasis, my diagnosis has changed to eczema. my positive response to silver colloid is now explained. thank you for all the helpful words!

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Colloidal Silver got rid of my psoriasis...but only temporarily. I started taking it a couple years ago, and literally within days I was starting to clear and within a couple weeks I was 100% clear. I was taking an extra strength version, I think 50 ppm. A few drops under my tongue, 3 times a day.

But then after a few months, my psoriasis started to slowly come back. However, I still take it. My naturopath tested me for it (through muscle testing) and my body still wants it. Now I take 7 drops 4 times per day. It does help with your immune system for sure.

For those people who are paranoid about getting argyria, you just have to be smart about it! The only man ever reported to actually turn silver/blue was drinking a crazy amount every day and he made it himself. But the funny thing is, he STILL drinks it because it cured every other problem he had!

I wouldn't make my it from a reputable health food store, and if you get an extra strength version, you should only need a few drops. I've been taking it every day for several years now, and I've had no bad side effects! I recommend it 100% for psoriasis :)

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