Hello everyone. I am almost 21-years-old male and and I think I have scalp plaques in my hair. I've seen some pictures of it on google and people's heads are full of that white stuff. However, mine don't show that much. I just have itch in my hair and when I itch my head, hair pulls out and there is a white looking small head at the end of that fallen hair's root. I've searched it online and it showed as scalp psoriasis. I am not sure if I have scalp psoriasis as (again) the pictures of others show their the whole head full of it and I only have at the end on my hair's root. Do I really have scalp psoriasis????? I have not checked with dermatologist yet as I don't have insurance and without insurance, they're quite expensive around the zip code I live in. All of Your posts will be very helpful and I will read all answers throughly. Thanks in advance to everyone.

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best to check it out. Don't wait the quicker you know the faster the recovery process.

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I agree have it checked out. My husband has
P on his scalp and it does sound different then
you are describing but who knows.

He has patches all over his head that are red and
very itchy. He get plaques that are also patches and flaky. He doesn't have any
hair loss so not sure what the root of the hair looks like but the p appears to
be more topical.

Again I am not a dr so I would get it checked.

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sounds like psoriasis, best to get a professional opinion though. You can use a shampoo like Neutragena t-Gel, or something stronger with coal tar as the active ingredient. I use MG-217 and it works pretty well, its strong about 3% while the Neutragena is .5%. Use the least amount that works for you. It stinks (the shampoo) but it helps. Use conditioner after shampooing to help with that. I use a lice comb to rake my head to get rid of the plaque buildup too in the shower when they are soft. Good luck.

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I have pretty vicious scalp psoriasis but it doesn't really sound like yours is like mine. I don't get hair loss but get plaques on the sides and back of my head. I pick at them and get chunks of skin but not really dry flaking if I don't pick (it's hard to resist picking at them, sometimes). I alternate between coal tar and salicylic acid shampoos but they don't really seem to help however some other shampoos and conditioners make it worse. Even when I pick I do not get hair falling out and haven't noticed any thinning on that part of my scalp. I have even thought of shaving my head and covering the whole thing in steroid ointment but decided that was probably a bad idea (I am sure I have scarring). The only thing that has really helped was using lots of baby oil on my head and wearing a hair net overnight, then washing it out in the morning but found this to be more unpleasant that it was worth as the plaques redevelop within 24 hours.

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Wish I could edit my previous post but what I meant was the only thing that helped was baby oil mixed with over the counter cortisone ointment and wearing a shower cap overnight- not a hair net. It's been a while since I tried that and it's all coming back to me now.

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It's completely NORMAL for a hair to have a little white bulb at the root when you pull it out of your head. This is not an indication of psoriasis.

Can you ask a relative or friend to take a comb and part small sections of your hair and tell you what they are seeing? Don't put any special shampoos or medications on your head until you have a good description of what's going on with your scalp.

It's a national shame and a major failing of this great country that you don't have access to medical care.
I'm so sorry to hear it.

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IMO your hair shouldn't be falling out that easy even with p. Have you tried a good dandruff shampoo like denorex? You can get it at Walgreen's,Walmart,etc and it also sometimes helps a mild case of p.

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Edit trick: copy the post, delete it, then paste into the reply box and fix before re-entering! ;)

Check out glycerin for the scalp. Do a search on the two terms together, and you'll find a number of threads. Gentle, safe and cheap. :-)

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Aha! Thank you very much!

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Hi I'm new to inspire. The post about using a lice comb to rake out the "gooe" while you shower, is that effective? I've thought about it awhile since I've got major plaques covering my scalp and it's very frustrating. And the mig-217? Shampoo? Is that available in common stores? Any tips on getting rid or lessening the plaques would be great! Also has anyone changed eating habits and seen improvements in their condition? I've read that those who changed to a natural raw diet saw psoriasis relief if not complete healing from symptoms, so is it worth it?! Thanks :)

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