Safflower oil for P?

I've heard that safflower oil (a cooking oil/salad dressing oil) is good for eczema but I wonder if anybody here has tried it on their P? I have PPP and just applied it to my feet and put socks on. I'll try it for a few weeks and see how it works. Safflower oil has a lot of antioxidents in it and EPA, DHA and high in Omega 3's and low in Omega 6's. I haven't found much information online about using this oil on Psoriasis. But I figured I'd give it a shot since I've read it works well on eczema. Anyone tried it here? If so what did it do for your P?

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are you sure you meant safflower oil?
safflower oil does not contain epa and dha. these are found in fish from ingesting algae or other fish that eat algae.
safflower contains very little omega-3 and it is high in omega-6.
i'm not sure about safflower but olive oil contains around 75% omega-9 which they say is similar to the skins natural oil.

maybe you can do a side by side comparison on your p.

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LOL I was thinking about fish oil when I mentioned EPA and DHA. Oops. But I read that safflower oil is low in omega 6's and high in omega 3's but I just re-checked and I can't find that one page that stated that. Now I'm finding it's high in omega 6's. :(

I bought the safflower oil initially since the OSU study that stated that it was good for type 2 diabetics because it reduces insulin resistance and helps get rid of belly fat.

The safflower oil moisturized my feet really well. My P is much less inflamed. The skin isn't even hot anymore. So I'll continue to try it on my feet and see how they do. I know safflower oil has a lot of vitamin E.

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Interesting! Let us know how you make out please. Good luck!

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Thanks, getty. I will. :)

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