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Just thought I'd throw it out there that I heard a segment on Dr. Oz about safflower oil put on right after the shower was an excellent moisturizer as it is full of lineoleic acid. So is olive oil except that will leave you smelling like a salad and safflower oil is colorless and odorless.
Worth a try and would certainly be cheap if it helps psoriasis.

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It may be a better idea to post this on the "Complementary and Alternative" section.

If you don't like safflower oil, other good natural oils for P (internal and external) are:

* Cold Pressed (Organic) Hemp Oil - but don't buy Chinese Hemp Oil

* Virgin (Organic) Coconut Oil

* Cold Pressed (Organic) Avocado Oil

I am currently using a Cold Pressed Avocado Oil on my body as an after shower moisturising oil, and then using the same oil in my salads.

As I have now got to the stage that I will mainly only use products that I can safely eat on my skin.

Your skin absorbs 60 – 80% of anything you put on it, so it makes sense to use as natural skincare as possible.


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