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** Originally posted by duke_180 **

Hi everyone.
I work overnights and I got my enbrel out of the fridge and opened one to give myself a shot and I forgot to put the other 2 shots that were in the box back in the fridge...I noticed this when I got they were out in room temp for 12 hours (7 pm - 7 am). Does anyone know what happens or if they are still good? I put them back in the fridge when I got home but 12 hours is a while. I dont know if they lose effectiveness or why they need to be kept cold. Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you.

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** Originally posted by chaimFL **

When I was on enbrel I never came across that problem, but I know many people here have. Someone will come along and tell you there experience was, but for a quick answer and a 100% accurate answer (not that answers here can't be accurate) you can and probably should call enliven services,

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** Originally posted by tiggity **

You need to call Enliven services at 1-888-4-Enbrel to get replacements. 12 hours is too long for the medicine to sit out of the fridge, actually anytime over 1/2 hour is too long.

Hope you get this taken care of! I am still having problems getting my Enbrel refilled. Dang Drs!


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** Originally posted by belldane **

Hi, I would call Enliven services and tell them what happened. They may replace it for you for free. When ever I gave my self a shot and did the ckeck for blood, if I got blood they would send a free replacement the my drug store. :D

HTH Patty :)

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** Originally posted by Howard49 **

12 hours is too long for the medicine to sit out of the fridge, actually anytime over 1/2 hour is too long.

Tig, just curious......what do people do when they go on vacation to keep their Enbrel at storage temperature?


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** Originally posted by MichaelaCFP **

If I accidentally left the Enbrel out overnight, I'd still use it. This medication is extremely expensive and I do not receive any subsidies from Enliven. Its like $380 per syringe.

I find it easier to keep the medication in the refridgerator and take one syringe out at a time. I place the syringe on the counter and wait five to ten minutes - and then inject the medication as prescribed. (I do not like the feel of the medication when it is very cold as it tingles.)

Good luck in getting the company to replace your medication.



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** Originally posted by Longhorn_in_KS **

The nurse who walked me through giving myself the shots and all the other information actually told me that if you accidently left the shot out for up to one day it was still usable. She wasn't my derm's nurse but from US Bioservices who fills my prescription.


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** Originally posted by tiggity **

We get our meds from the same place lol and as far as going on vacation, Enliven services will give oyu a soft sided cooler made for the syringes.


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