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** Originally posted by SILVERAINBOW34 **

Hello everyone,Im a itchy scalp sufferer from England,South East Coast to be precise,and when ever I have been In your Fantastic country(USA where we like to holiday cos Its so incredible and there so much to see,and youre all so very welcoming!) I buy Mg27 shampoo which clears my condition up within a couple of weeks.
Only problem is I cannot find this wonder cure for my condition in the Uk?,any one know where I can purchase it,or whom if anyone imports it into the Uk?.
I really would be very gratefull if some body could come up with this Info !.
Thanks all and what a fantastic site if only I had found it early,my Gp takes little or no interest in my condition,and just suggests that I keep trying different shampoos all to no avail.

Many Thanks all !!!

Tristan .

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi tristan,
sorry i can't help much but welcome to the p family. you have met some of the wonderful people on here and will find alot of great info. welcome and nice to meet you. more will come through and help you

have a good night all


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** Originally posted by grannyfranny **

Hi Tristan,,,welcome to this site.
It's MG217.
Try this link. Scroll to the bottom and you will see contact info,,,,,,or you can order it online.
Might be expensive.

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** Originally posted by SILVERAINBOW34 **

Thanks for that info,but it would appear that its only available in the Us,is there any one that would be prepared to send me some if I pay directly into your bank acc.
Its got to go to Sandwich Kent,Uk England,I really would appreciate this as its the only thing that seems to work.

Thank you


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** Originally posted by Sam333 **

The "secret ingredient" in MG217 is plain old coal tar. Perhaps you can find something in a local apocithary (?) or drug store that's based on coal tar.

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** Originally posted by SILVERAINBOW34 **

Have tried many types over the years in varying degrees of strength and types of ingredient,some just control it others make it worse,but just having had a dreadfully stressfull time over the past 8 months or so its the worst its ever been,and Im getting balder as well which isn't doing my confidence a whole bunch of favours !.
Mig 217 is the only shampoo that Ive found that works and I really would love to get my hands on some more !

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** Originally posted by youngcn **

I found some on E-Bay - they might ship to the UK! Do you have a PAyPAl account? I'll send you some if there is no other way!

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