Question about picking too much?

** Originally posted by robbnc **

Hi, I'm kinda new to the forum but I've been lurking for a while now. I was just wondering if you pick at the psoriasis too much, if you can get an infection from it? Sometimes I pick at my psoriasis to the point where it bleeds regardless of how much people tell me to stop. :( Thanks for any answers in advance, Rob.

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** Originally posted by flaky1 **

Hi robbnc

Scratching and picking is not good for the psoriasis.. I know it's easier said than done because i was very guilty of it. I left flakes everywhere I went...the car, work, bathroom, etc,etc...

You can get infections if you scratch til it bleeds. My psoriasis was so bad a few years ago and my skin was all infected from my scratching and bleeding.. my dematologist put me on antibiotics. At worst cases, people have to be hospitalized because your body has trouble regulating temperature...

I hope you can try to stop picking... Aveeno lotion helped a lot too! I went to Costco and bought the huge two pack..make sure your skin is moisturized at all times...

BTW, what medication(s) are you currently using? And how bad is the psoriasis?

God Bless...

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** Originally posted by robbnc **

Unfortunately, right now I'm not using anything. I'm 23 and went a while without a job or insurance so I couldn't afford to see a dermatologist or pay for medications. Even when I was able to visit one regularly, I really didn't want to take something or put on something daily to fight this problem, mainly because I knew that there was no 100% cure for it. I know that sunlight is really important in taking care of it too, but I even avoid outside situations. I've regretted having this for the longest time but now I'm to the point where it's really bugging me more and more.

From the pictures on the website, I'm guessing it's a mixture between plaque and guttate P. It started (around middle school) on my scalp and I was constantly being picked on by other kids about it. I remember them saying that I had dandruff. Then, it was actually calm for a few years. Then it decided to travel down onto my face and spread out from my nose onto my cheeks. Now it's on my chest and it's finally decided to move to my limbs slowly but steadily.

Like you said, I find myself picking at it everywhere I go. It was a little embarassing when I realized that I was doing it at work. When I'm over at someone else's house and I start picking, I give myself a mental slap because I feel weird about dropping the flakes on someone else's floor.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a different part of the world, where health care was cheaper and easier to obtain. I know that P should be treated so that it doesn't get worse, but it's not always easy when you simply can't afford it. Sorry I said so much, but it does feel good to vent this after so long.

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** Originally posted by suzmiata **

:p I can relate to the shedding and picking. I would never be able to outrun bloodhounds even if I climbed a tree. Since the second shot of Raptiva, my skin is 75% better. Before I took the shots I was leaving piles of skin flakes on the bathroom floor. You have to wonder where all of this skin comes from. If you get infected easily don't pick. I know its hard to do. Try to take an antihistimine and soak in the tub with bath oil. And rub on lots of lotion or ointment when you get out of the tub.


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** Originally posted by MelissaLynn **

Oy, can I sympathize! You dont want to pick your Psoriasis because it only forces your already overworked body to work harder to repair the "pick". If you really cant see a Derm and get medical grade treatment, there are OTC that can offer some relief.
There is a product called ROBATHAL. ITs about 12 bucks a bottle and worth every penny! You soak in 2 capfuls in a bath for 30 min and it really, really helps. Its cottonseed oil. It will loosen the skin that would tempt you to pick, and will moisturize your skin so you dont feel so dry.
I am hoping MIKE K will step in on this thread and offer some advice about finding a Derm that can help you -on the cheap.
Also, I know there are pharmaceutical manufacturers that will offer medications at cheaper prices, or in some cases- even for FREE. The best thing you can do now is to be sure and keep your skin MOIST. Get moisture in. The Robathal will help a lot but if you cant find it in stores, or dont want to order it online, then get a box of Aveeno, or some other mild soak. Get a good grade moisturizer too. I recommend a cream called Vanicream, also found online and through various pharmacys and also Walmart. This cream is amazing and I am very pleased with it.
IF you cant find this cream, try to find a cream with ingredients like Urea. Urea is EXCELLENT for the skin. Also, use Mother Natures help. The SUN is wonderful for Psoriasis.
I am concerned because not only do you have Plaque P, but also Guttate. I think you need to find a clinic in your area and see if they can help you out. Often, you can get seen by (at the very least) a Doctor and he can help stear you (hopefully) in the right direction.
Lastly, continue to read through these threads.
There is so much information here- and the tips are endless and many of them really do help.
Try to keep your stress down. (I know, I know...)
Deffinalty DONT PICK
and be sure to MOISTURIZE.
Best of luck to you and please keep us posted.


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** Originally posted by neese **

Thanks for the tips Melissa!

I'm jotting down: ROBATHAL, Vanicream, and the Urea ingredient.

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** Originally posted by flaky1 **


I feel your pain...I developed P right after graduation from college..I was 23 too..I had to stop doing the things I loved to hide my more basketball with the guys or working on the car..i felt pretty hopeless too.. hopefully, after you get a job with insurance you can start seeing a doctor again. Ive tried almost every medication out there (except MTX).

What helped me the most when I wasn't seeing a doctor was bathing in Aveeno oatmeal bath. That helps loosen up the scales and just relaxes your body. I usually use two pouches per bath. I also tried bathing in dead sea salts...that was nice too.. The important thing is to moisturize yourself right after the bath with lotion. I really like the Aveeno Oatmeal based lotion. (you can buy a big two pack from Costco).

Sun definately helps..for a while I was going to UV light treatment. I discontinued that because I was afraid of skin cancer.

Without prescription medication, I recommend the following:
*oatmeal or dead sea salts baths to help soothe the skin
*use a lot of lotion to keep the skin moist
*neutrogena T-Gel to help against scalp psoriasis
*eating healthy also helps
*drink a lot of water
*try to stay active

There definately is hope. I thought I'd be living with flared up P for the rest of my life..but I just started Raptiva about 5 months ago and that has cleared me all the way down to about 5% coverage now. I've tried almost every topical medication out there but my body reacted positively to Raptiva.

I wish you the best....

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** Originally posted by flaky1 **


That's awesome that only with two shots of Raptiva your skin has improved so much. Are you using it with any other topicals?

The needle part wasn't as bad as I thought...I do my injections in my thighs and surprisingly, can't feel a thing!

All the best...

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** Originally posted by jojonu **

I'm very glad i came to this website. i too pick at my psoriasis, but i'm also a young recent college grad w/ no insurance. I always pick until it starts bleeding. do you ever get a headache if you pick constantly like over an hour?

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** Originally posted by vini68 **

It feels so good to pick the plaques , doesn't it .
Even better , when they losen up.
I use cocoa butter by palmers ... very moist and oily ,
but not messy at all.
I also use "dermasil" lotion OTC , by Vaseline.
Both all over the body...

However , Aveeno , cortisone, hydrocortisone for me
it's just waste of money .
I'll never buy it again.

Give a try.
Good luck to all

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