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** Originally posted by NYGuy11 **

Hey guys, I have a question. I know nightshades are bad foods like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. What other foods are nightshades?

1. When you eat a nightshade, how long does it take for your body (or part of your body) to suffer a mini flare from the nightshade?

2. How do nightshades affect your body? The whole body or some parts?

3. If the p flares b/c of the nightshades, how long does it take for it to go away?

I'm asking b/c I'm suffering a tiny flare of a few spots that I had on my legs. I think it might be from eating peppers in my burrito and pico de gallo.

Thanks for any information you guys can give!

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

maybe peppers and tomatoes :D

Peppers bother me...tomatoes don't...but I still save any tomatoes I eat to very seldom!
everyone is different....I got very itchy (drive you up the wall itchy) when I ate I'm really careful.....I just stay away from all the nightshades as much as family never had so much rice ;)

I have also made pasta without tomatoes....white/cheesy sauce...and then I'm sensitive to milk so I'm careful with the dairy....goats cheese is next on the menu for alfredo sauce...I'll have to look for a recipe for that!

I just did!!!

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** Originally posted by jennmkirby **

Potatoes are also nightshades... white ones, not red or sweet (for some reason.) I ate some of my son's french fries (ok, most of them!) a few weeks ago and was itchy and achy for a few days afterwards. So potatoes are way at the top of my suspect list now.

To answer your other questions though, unfortunately that's all according to how your body responds to your individual triggers. It's totally a trial and error process, figuring out what bothers you and what doesn't. Nightshades bother lots of people, so Pagano et al advise to eliminate them until you're clear, then I guess you can SLOWLY start to reintroduce them and watch for any problems. This is really tough to do! Good luck and keep in touch!

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** Originally posted by lauragld **

Tomatoes of all kinds, potatoes (only sweet potatoes are fine), all peppers sweet and hot, watch for paprika (black pepper is fine), eggplant, and tobacco. Sneaky nightshades in products are paprika added for color to many products even some cheeses, potato starch and flour added to many things...even Kraft adds potato flour into shredded cheeses to keep shreds from sticking together. Tomato powder is often added to foods and chips for all packaging carefully.

If I accidentally eat a nightshade I can react withing 20 minutes sometimes the reaction is delayed and it can come the following day. It can take a few days to a few weeks to feel 100% ok again. I think we all can have variations in reaction time and healing time.

Here is a great website for all you ever want to know about nightshades =) It concentrates on arthritis but the information on nightshades is the same for everyone that has a reaction to them.

If your missing pizza I have found a great pizza base instead of tomato sauce use a light coating of pesto (basil and olive oil) then build your pizza as you like =)

Hope this helps,


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** Originally posted by NYGuy11 **

Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses.

I am not sure if I am reacting to tomatoes. I can tell you I have never gotten itchy or achey from eating anything. Only itch on me right now is that mosquito bite on the back of my right leg!

I am having a small flare on my thighs...the side and the back of my thigh. I had fries with ketchup Tues night. I am not sure if that is the cause for it. Everywhere else is fine for the most part, so I am not sure what is.

I have been avoiding meals with a large concentration of tomato in the last few weeks. You know, dishes like Chicken Parm and such. I've had ketchup and a few slices of tomatoes on my sandwiches.

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** Originally posted by GitOverIt **

It's not ALWAYS food! did you read the thread on TURMERIC? it's probably dropped to the second page by now....According to Dr M Heng ( my free consultation) she sent paperwork on the precipricating factors that cause the skin to be traumatized.....rash on back, legs, arms, and thighs, lower back appears to be an allergy to elastic in underware or other clothing....also the faBRIC DYES OF BLACK OR BROWN AND NAVY...(ooops caps) cotton knits don't have elastic so those seem to be ok!
She also mentioned NO DAIRY! but I don't use dairy anyway it showed up in my food allergy test....

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