pustular psoriasis on fingers

** Originally posted by healdp **

Is there anyone out there with this condition?? I have been fighting it for 17 years. This very rare case of pustular psoriasis is on my fingers, therefore I have no nails and have to live with them bandaged at all times. Have taken every treatment known with very little results. If anyone else has this, please let me know. I would be interested in your treatments, results, etc. and the fact that I am not alone. Thanks..

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** Originally posted by uscgirl08 **

I had this form shortly after I gave birth to my second child. ( along w/ every other form there was/is) It was horrible. I feel your pain. I am a nurse and I could no longer work w/ patients due to this. I had to keep my fingers wrapped constantly and they itched like crazy. Not to mention they would weep. I had to learn to let my hand "air out" while at home, not use antibacterial soaps (made it twice as bad), use plain vaseline, and not to subject them to too much water. If I was washing dishes, I would put my hands in white cotton gloves and then put them in dishwashing gloves that were latex free. I still do this to this very day b/c it helped tremendously. I also noticed that if the water was too hot, it would make it worse, ie in the shower. I ended up using topical steroids to help get the process of healing going. I think I used Vanos. But I could only use it for a short period of time. The pustular part is gone and all but one of my nails have healed completely. It took some time. You have to be patient and I know that is not what you want to hear. I still have P on my hands. But just my hands (and the rest of my body) and not my fingers. I also would put vaseline on my hands and then put them in white cotton gloves at night when I went to bed. But the one thing that I noticed that helped the most was not keeping them contained in bandages like band aid's. If I did wrap my fingers it was in cotton/kerlex, sterile dressings that you can buy from any store and then I would secure the wrap w/ latex free tape. I have a latex allergy, so even when the band aid said latex free, the sticky stuff that secures it would still make it break out worse. Have you seen a derm for this? Just wondering..I had to see a derm for mine b/c my work would not let me back on the floor w/ patient contact until it cleared up. Hope this helps some. You just have to experiment and find what works for you.

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** Originally posted by RichJ **

hi healdp,
i was dx with the same type of pp. i was on alot of differnt meds and alot of creams. i went on raptiva and got vulgaris (it's a form of p) that im still fighting with. i get the thinking skin, craking skin, skin coming off and i can forget the itch. im on humari none and it don't seam to be doing any thing but help with my pa. grannyfanny from on here got help with kelaflex (some one has to spell it right for me). i hope this helps some and i would like to welcome to the p family. you have meet some of the wonderful people on here and will find alot of great info. welcome and nice to meet you. i wish you the best

try and have a good day all


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** Originally posted by szorzi **

Yes, that's how my P started - on my fingertips. It tried to creep down my thumb at one point. Then it spread to the soles of my feet. I occasionally get a couple of tiny patches of regular plaque P on my elbows, but mostly it's confined to hands and feet. Humira cleared my hands completely except for my nails and did great for the arthritis, but didn't help my feet much. After 2 years on Humira, my fingers have started cracking again, but I don't want to change meds because Humira is still doing good for my PA.

This kind of P is easily debilitating because there's not much you can do without using your hands and feet. I hope you can get it into remission!

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** Originally posted by healdp **

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR REPLYING TO MY POST. It means so much to me. Let me give you a little background....17 years ago a dr gave me a drug called Plaquenil for joint pain and I started breaking out all over my body in little red bumps, the dr then called in Prednisone, the little red places spread into big red places that all ran together and covered my entire body, they started erupting in pustules. I became so weak I could not sit up. Of course I was hospitalized and it was discovered I had a blood infection caused by this breakout. After a week of treatments of creams and ointments, it cleared on my body.
Three months later one finger started and the nail came off, eventually all the fingers were involved and has been that way since. I have tried everything available with no results. I have had Enbrel, Amevive, Raptiva, and Humira (theHumira made it worse and made several plaque psor. break out on my body) Methotrexate, Cyclosporin and various other drugs, creams ointments, etc. I have just come off of Humira. I forgot I also take Soriatane and have for many years. Every once in a while my fingers will clear for a day or two (rare) but then start up again. I think the only help for me is continued prayer and a miracle from God.

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** Originally posted by healdp **

USC girl.. thanks for the info, how long did you have this before it cleared? And to answer your question, I have seen a derm for 17 years, even traveled to Dallas to see Dr. Mentor. I do use vaseline a lot, but mostly keep my fingers wrapped because they look horrible and are very very tender. Band aids during day and gauze at night.

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