Psoriasis vs. Seborrheic Dermatitis

** Originally posted by mardar **

Went to the derm yesterday and he seems to think the "P" on my nose/ears is not P. He says he thinks it is seborrheic dermatitis.

Anyone have any clue what the difference is and any treatment options geared more toward the dermatitis?

I'm not completely sure I agree with his opinion. :confused:

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** Originally posted by mardar **

What did your derm rx? and did he mention sebopsoriasis at all?

Thanks for the info Karen! He gave me rxs for Elidel and Protopic. I'm not sure which I should use. He did not mention sebopsoriasis. :confused: He's not my favorite derm as I don't think he's terribly knowledgeable about P but he is good to have if you are wanting to choose your own treatment. If I do my own research and decide to try something, he'll give me a rx for it. I know that's not the best scenario in the world but sometimes it works out.

I've been researching seborrheic dermatitis and I just can't tell by the pictures/descriptions if that is what I have there or if its P. They look so similar. The literature talks about seborrheic dermatitis and oils in the skin and that it tends to appear in oily areas such as the side of the nose (which is where I have it) but my issue there is that I don't have oily skin. If anything, I'm drier than the average bear.

Sigh....I hate all this.

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** Originally posted by Mikel **

Psoriasis can occur simultaneously with seborrhoeic dermatitis, a more common scalp condition. This combination is referred to as Sebopsoriasis.
Hi Marcie,

Seborrhoeic dermatitis has some differences from psoriasis. Its scale is usually diffuse throughout the scalp, as opposed to the raised, well defined plaques associated with psoriasis. It also tends to localize on the face and front of the chest. When these symptoms are combined with the symptoms of psoriasis, Sebopsorias results.

Signs and Symptoms
Sebopsoriasis has a more yellowish, greasy scale than the typical silvery, dry scale associated with psoriasis. It will occur not only on the scalp, but on the face and chest - similar to the pattern associated with that of seborrhoeic dermatitis. It is deeper red in color, has more defined margins, and a thicker scale than seborrhoeic dermatitis alone.

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** Originally posted by JustDucky **

Now, I am wondering what I have on my face, because some of those pix (not on the above site, but when I googled) look like what I have.

I was told it was p. I was never told what type p I had...I figured that all out for myself, thru websites.

What I have on my face is not guttate and not plaque. I know it isnt inverse..or scalp, since it is on the forehead, sides of nose, ear area, and a tiny spot on the upper lip.

I had a spot of it in the eyebrow area for went away in summer, came back in winter. Since I was diagnosed with p..and told to use the westcort on it...thats when it decided to go all over the place, and not to that one quarter sized pink dry area in one eyebrow.

I often wondered if using the westcort had anything to do with it spreading like that.

I can get this to go away...but, I have to continue to use the westcort twice a day or it comes right back.

I dont think the sun does anything for it, but cant tell since we havent had 3 days of sun in one week, for me to sit out there.

I think the treatments are about the same whats in a

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** Originally posted by sergecosta **

Just Ducky--

I told my doctors several times that the sun does not help me much. However, I swear by it now. NB-UVB and the sun have improved my psoriasis. I did better in FL with two weeks of sun than I do with twice a week NB-UVB (3 minutes each session).

I am not using any topicals on my face for well over 6 weeks. I am taking Vitamin D (50,000 DIUs Rx) once a week for 8 weeks. I registered very, very low Vitamin D on a test I took 4 weeks ago.

Mardar: sebopsoriasis looks very much like seb derm. My dermatologist was perplexed that the Diflucan he prescribed for me (an antifungal taken orally for two months) did nothing at all. He said that sebopsoriasis is truly a weird variant and no one really knows how to treat it. But given that this is very stubborn, and after using all topicals on my face that one could possibly use, I discovered that NB-UVB and sun exposure works better than anything else. I am keeping my hair short now (my symptoms emerged on my face when I let my hair grow out AND this coincided with a period of high stress for me).

Stress reduction also helps me. I am taking Celexa to help with anxiety because I am one nervous, stressed out dude LOL.

My suspicion is that anti-fungal shampoos and meds are probably not going to do very much for you. But, it's worth a try. Go for it. If it doesn't work, ask you derm for limited NB-UVB for the face. I refuse to live in fear, day to day, because topicals are inadequate for my condition. I wasted way too much time thinking I was doing something wrong.


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