Psoriasis under my fingernails

i'm so frustrated by the psoriasis under my finger nails so I went a week ago and had some acrylic nails put on to hide it and all i've done since then is bump or jam my nails and now my thumb nail (the worst nail) is coming off!!!! This is so painful and so frustrating... i dunno what to do anymore, i'm so close to just having my finger nails removed and trying to treat the psoriasis that way...!!!

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I lost my little fingernail to nail P.It is very painful when about to has come back better a bit pitted. I am using tea tree oil under nails and on top and it has started to clear them. I am very pleased with the results.I have been using it everyday for two weeks and only have a bit left in the end. Nearly cleared my big toes they had P over half of each one. Hopefully they will be clear for summer.I wear nail polish and that helps cover mine but I only have one fingernail affected so count myself lucky.hope you find something that helps soon as I agree with you it is very frustrating. Good luck.

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I haven't tried tea tree oil yet and need to put it on my list of things to try!
I have it under every nail and toenail and have learned to keep them as short as possible.They grow so fast and painted look so nice but it hurts to dang bad when I snag one and stays sore for days. I have pits and ridges so I use filler before polish and they look pretty good.
Now my toenails are something different as they get really built up with the crud under them and it just plain hurts so I just cut them down to where they are still attached and then the med works better and I can get the thick crud down as they grow back better.
I have been using a short syringe with a small needle to shoot med up under mine(oxipor) one day and then glycerin the next and they seem to be a little better.
I think the crud doesn't get so thick under my fingernails because I am always in the sink and the water helps.I also clean under them constantly because wet dead skin has a horrid smell,lol.

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Forgot to say....


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My derm just told me to put the cream I use for my psoriasis at the base of my nail and 'rub it in' because the nail is created there and it worked for me.

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I found my nail psoriasis to be the worst. It was embarrassing to the point where I would try to hide my nails whenever possible.

Over the years only two things have worked for me. The first was when I used dovonex scalp solution ... while helping my scalp somewhat it turned out to be great for my nails that I used to apply the solution to my scalp.

The other thing is stelara. I am on that now and for the first time in many years my nails are completely clear.

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I also have P under my nails. I find that if I keep them short and really rub my scalp while using a P shampoo it helps a lot.

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This nail thing I really understand, I no longer get my nails done because five of my nails are normal the rest are slowly becoming half UN attached. I love wearing my rings so I just keep my nails short, clean, and painted. I plan to try some of the remedy's that others have mentioned. I do feel that nails are important to keep up especially for a women. I miss nail art.

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When I look at other ladies lovely nails I feel absolutely gutted. I have been soo tempted by acrylic nails in the past, but I know that I would be tempting fate.For the last 25 years I have felt so self conscious especially when eating out. Bizarrely enough after years of treatment the only thing that helps reduce the pain and inflammation is fucibet cream. I know its half antibiotic and half steriod, but it helps a little bit.I completely understand the removal of the finger nails thought and many years ago had some cream from my specialist which made the nails go so soft you could peel them off. It does really help reduce the pressure and pain, and lets face it - if your nails are really bad and malformed then its probably not such a bad thing. I didnt have any luck with tea tree oil, but thats not to say that it wouldnt help others. Its certainly worth a go.

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MTX originally helped all my nails grow back, that was on 7 pills. I'm now currently on 5 pills and 6 out of 10 nails have gone down the crapper. So i'm going to try 6 pills and see if they clear up some

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The one thing you can almost count on with Ps is the fact that what works today is going to change and you'll have to come up with something else to try. What seems to be working these days for me.....I use Ectosone (scalp lotion) under my nails, plus I rub in Dovonex into the base of the nails. I haven't lost a nail for almost a year now. Good luck

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I have it under my toenails, it comes and goes, but it's there. It's odd, doesn't affect all my nails, just the big toes and the toes next to them and the little toe on my left foot.

I stopped having acrylic nails done years ago and went to gel nails, there is no chemical smell and less prep is needed on the natural nails to have the gel adhere, which means less damage to already sensitive nails.

There is also a new technique that I will be going to next time I have my nails done. It's a shellac, it's polish that is UV cured and lasts up to 8 weeks, depending on how hard you are on your nails and how fast they grow.

Do a google search on nail shellacs, OPI has brand of them and if they don't have a color you like, you can bring in your own and it can be covered with a clear shellac.

Have fun with it, I know for me having my nails done is a treat that I look forward to...a lovely mani-pedi every couple of months gives me a much needed boost when I'm having a PsA flare. My nail tech understands that she has to be especially gentle when she sees the psoriasis has flared again.

I have tried going natural with my nails, fingers and toes, but my nails are so fragile without the extra support that the gel gives them. I'm always injuring them, even shampooing my hair can be a painful experience. They crack and split exposing the hypersensitive skin under the nails, I look at my trips to the nail salon as preventive medicine.

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