Psoriasis, PSA and Dibetics?

I am Soo glad I have found this site! I'm 26 and have had Psoriasis since I was 8 and was diagnosed with Psa when I was 23 (although I belive as a teenager I was starting to have issues) anywhoo....
My mother has psoriasis not nearly as bad as mine, off and on for years and found out she is diabetic around the same time I was diagnosed with Psa. I had gone to some nutrition classes with her and found several people there also had psoriasis!(before becoming diabetic)
So I am wondering how many people who have p or psa also have diabetes? My Pharmisist also has P and swears by the adkins diet in keeping it in check. So I'm wondering if there might be a correlation here, or an insight as to what we might expect as we get older. I have notice myself with cutting carbs My P and Psa gets better.
What do you think? Is there anyone else that has noticed this?

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