Psoriasis free for life?

Has anyone tried and or had any success using this ebook psoriasis free for life by kathy wilson? It actually has gotten a few good reviews and some people swear ny it so i was unsure whether or not to put out the 19.95 or not? Thanks

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Ive read about it and looked into it a bit when i was looking around. I thought i had a post from before about this, but i just checked, and apprently not. But anyways, i definately DID post it somewhere, and most people ssaid they never tried it, but it didnt seem like it would. I mean, from all the reviews ive seen, it doesnt seem too reliable, since there arent any reviews that ive seen that are from actual people using it making a review themselves. Theyve all been made WITH the free for life company/brand, so im not sure if its worth your like or not. Sorry, havtn tried it out myself so cant give you a deifinite answer lol, let me know what you think of it if you do end up trying it out, thanks!

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Well you never know until you give it a go..............

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