Psoriasis & Yeast Infections??

Hey I was wondering has anyone heard of psoriasis and skin yeast infections being linked??? I was told today that yeast infections can take hold in skin conditions, but I have never heard of this, has anyone else?? I was also told to get an anti fungal and use pure coconut oil, I would love other opinions on this.

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Yes, it seems linked specially in some cases and some people have seen improvement in their condition if candida is put under control. In your case, you will have to do the testing and see if its the same in your case as well.

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I tried Lamisol on inverse psoriasis . I did not know at the time the rash was inverse psoriasis. The Lamisol made it worse. Tea Tree oil might be ok but of course you will be careful on a child. We know that.

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I believe I read of a study that indicated yeast infection and scalp psoriasis was common. Not sure if this is true for psoriasis elsewhere.


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Thankyou guys i guess i will have to look into this and see if this is a problem for my son or not!

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It is linked though i have never gotten one i have a friend who had one because of it.

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Yes Psoriasis and Yeast at it's root are the same thing. The Psoriasis is a result of overgrowth of Yeast/ Candida. I did a few posts on this. The over the counter stuff didn't seem to work for me and I ahven't heard of to many people it did work for. Also the prescription steroids cream they prescribe only thins out the skin. What I have found that worked for me was eliminating all yeast, gluten and whey from my diet, basically no processed foods, all sugary stuff , no breads, only eat organic meats. Mainly plant based , if it grows from the ground you can eat it but go easy on Potatoes and corn cause that turns to sugar and sugar feeds the candida and cancer cells. There are great recipes and ways of still getting your vitamins with out all the bad stuff. You'll find for you and your baby you'll probably live longer cancer free cause of changing your diet. There is a site candida free diet or yeast free diet Google it and you'll find alot of great food choices and recipes.

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as a side result I lost 30 lbs without trying.

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oh also this is a great vita supplement I give my child Amazing Grass (More from Amazing Grass)
Kids Superfood
(crushed and then poweder fruits and veggies) about $20 I give it to my child every other day, lasts about a month. I take the adult version Trader Joes' Super Green Food Powder Drink and Red Food.(which is beats and fruits...I hate beets YUK). Also Candida can be passed from mother to child, it is also an indidcation of a low immune system BUT FIXABLE. My child had bronchitis/ ashtma really bad but after nutritional changes it went away. Which means you might have it but it more likely manifests in different ways if not Psoriasis to like fatigue or headaches migranes and joint pains, candida/ yeast cause inflammation and can lead to heart disease.

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Thanks Inverse I'll have to check all of that out and see what happens with my son!

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I was reading this site today which says yeast is at the bottom of psoriasis.
here is a bit from the site:

The way to reverse these skin problems is to clear the yeast from the intestinal tract. Then the yeast is no longer a target for the body’s immune system. Once the immune system’s cells are no longer fighting yeast in the intestinal tract, they no longer circulate to find yeast on the skin. Once the yeast is gone from the intestinal tract, the yeast induced inflammations on the skin clear up.

The way to clear intestinal yeast is to change food choices to exclude foods which help intestinal yeast grow. The diet contains many foods which help yeast. To treat yeast these foods must be removed from the diet. For example, malt contains growth factors for yeast. Vinegar contains chemicals which kill bacteria and at the same time, leave the yeast alone. These dietary choices are described in our cookbook Feast Without Yeast. Changing food choices in this way helps skin conditions.

The second step is to take the anti-yeast drug nystatin. This drug is not absorbed and kills the yeast living in the intestinal tract. Nystatin does not work well without changing the diet to exclude foods which help yeast. Yeast chemicals can kill bacteria and will clear space for the yeast to grow again. If these yeast chemicals are left in the diet, nystatin will not do much good because the yeast keeps growing back. Once the proper food choices are in place, nystatin can kill the yeast and people feel better.

Fortunately, because nystatin is not absorbed, nystatin causes no side effects except for a little nausea. No harmful side effects have ever been caused by the use of nystatin. Therefore there is no risk to this therapy.

I have found in clinical practice that symptoms of major skin problems are reduced within one to two weeks of starting diet and nystatin and by six weeks of diet and nystatin therapy there are significant reductions in inflammation from chronic eczema and psoriasis.

Here is the link if you want to read more:

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My only other real post on here is about malarone induced psoriais and it seems from this

malarone yes or not? - India Travel Forum | › ... › Health and Well Being in India
6 posts - 6 authors - 16 Jul 2008
The other one told me to take malarone. ... not as effective as the other two in certain areas and will give you yeast infections (if applicable).

it seems this may be how or why...
of course I am not qualified to say for sure I just know what I read and am trying to join the dots with the reasoning I have.
Today I read a long list of symptoms yeast infection can cause and was very surprised to learn it. Apparently many disorders of the immune system from arthritis to lupus seem to be blamed on yeast.

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A link to a treatment for yeast not sure if it works like all things internet use your own judgement he also lists the other symptoms of yeast infection.

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if its about your son i would suggest you go to your derm asap, my hepatologist confused my inverse for yeast infection and i tried something over the counter and it burned something bad, just like yeast infections it looks slimy and smells just becareful putting the wrong thing

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If you have Psoriasis + Yeast infections...pills will not help. don't waste your money.

diet, exercise...getting as skinny as possible...vegetable juicing , salad, lemons will make both go away over time.

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Thanks John have you tried the nystatin they speak about above? I have no clue this is all new.

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He has been seeing a derm for three months now and has tried a long list of creams and potions... he was also on steroid creams for 8 month from the gp before he was sent to a derm. He now has a arthritis specialist.
After he started the creams from the derm his one leg swelled.
He stopped the cream 4 a wk the swelling lessened. But the psoriasis went mad most he has tried stopping a few times with the same results... at this point he is not really tolerating the creams well as he can't sleep very well.

But he can't stand it either...

At this point three of his joints are involved both legs and one arm. Pain swelling... coviered head to toe in psoriasis missing no body part... complete coverage.

Doc (rehumy )wants to inject his joints with Depo - medrol we have two bottles sitting here one 80ml one 40ml
we still have not looked it up.... procrastination she also wants to start him on mtx

he was to start light therapy last wk but after an hour and half waiting (they lost his file) he was told he cannot have mtx and light therapy too... derm said the joints are more important than the skin.... it is a very scary thing to watch go down ... seems like the choices are between the devil and the deep blue sea ....
this is all sudden a year ago he was a completely healthy sport addict who took good care of his body.
Today is a different story.

I am looking for advice but also feel if there is a root to this it is better to find it than to keep compromising his body with treatments that are damaging ... he is an adult and at the end of the day I just get to watch as a witness as he will make his own decisions.

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I did initially try it 12 years ago when I knew nothing....and thought it would be an easy cure. And it did absolutely nothing.

Nystatin is like using a garden hose on a forest fire. If it's your first and only yeast infection, it may fix that but that's about it.

If you have psoriasis + yeast infection = you most likely have leaky gut, which is systemic. And requires a lot of work, losing weight, and diet.

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That is how it started when he came home from Africa he had jock itch or that is what he thought if the doc misdiagnosed it. He tried creams cort. and fungal for a long time. He went back to Africa after that and took malarone again it was still some time after that a long time months of further creams for the elbows and back. Around Nov last year he insisted his gp do a test on his skin as at one point it was thought to be ring worm... it just was insane how long this all took... and who knows maybe it was yeast and fungal but if it was it never responded to any of the creams completely.

Have you done treatment for leaky gut and did it work? Did you have any joints that are swollen? If so did you get shot or mtx? It does seem to be an almost odd disease with all the varying levels of severity and symptoms making it even more confusing.

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What kind of doctor helps with leaky gut... gastro? Did you see a gastro doc or a naturopath?
I have suggested diet changes and he talked to both his specialists both said it makes no difference what you eat... are they wrong? I see it all over this site food matters I think now he does not believe me and is back to eating everything.

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susan, i'd be interested to know if the cream that was initially prescribed for him when he had jock itch...was it a steroidal ?

If so, my initial psoriasis outbreak started the same exact way 14 years ago.

steroidal as we know, makes the yeast thrive like crazy....and spread from the localized area (jock itch area) to a systemic route throughout the body. All I had in the beginning was jock itch as well...and nothing else.

I sooo felt the urge to sue my dermatologist at the time, as I solely feel that was the beginning of my systemic outbreak. By prescribing me that steroidal. And it seems it was the same for him ?

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