Psoriasis and Sunbeds

Has anyone tried traditional sunbeds in an attempt to clear their psoriasis? I have just purchased 50 minutes and am thinking of doing 6 minutes 3 times a week to see how I go. Anyone else have any experience with this?

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My understanding is that it is UVB which can help those with Psoriasis. I think most sunbeds emit mostly UVA as is the part of the UV spectrum which causes the skin to tan. So my guess is that using a sunbed won't do much for your Psoraisis but you will get a tan (which may make you skin look a bit better...). UVA is used to treat Psoriasis but under supervision in hospital (in the uk) as it also involves taking some pills or having a bath in a chemical to sensitize the skin. Natural sunlight is the best for me. Hope this helps - worth speaking to your doctor I think.

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I would try natural sunlight. It worked for me. Tanning beds scare me a little.

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I have a sunbed I bought specifically for my Psoraisis, it has more of the UVB rays and it works fine...when I get a little flareup I sit under the bed for a couple of times and it keeps it in check.....

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I use a local tanning salon occasionally to help with flare ups. They have both UVA and UVB beds surprisingly. The UVB bed is advertised as one that won't burn you if you're starting tanning. It builds a base tan, but also really helps my plaques.

My derm said he'd be able to clear me with the Excimer laser therapy....I'm gonna try that soon!

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