Hi my father is facing psoriasis from past 10 years. His 100% body is effected with it. 18 months ago he was 80% cured. He ate Homeopathy medicine for 2 months which let his condition worst and because of that his body losses Proteins, Potassium, Sodium and many other things which made us to hospitalized him for 12 days and after that he start recovering very slowly. But till now the date sometimes he gets some improvement and after sometime again get bad condition. When he starts recovering then suddenly he gets fever and his condition again moves to first bad condition. The doctor who is treating him is giving his best to cure him but nothing is happening. Now he has started UV Rays which is more then 6 sittings but it is not showing any effect.
So please help me to make my father cure from it as soon as possible and if something requires by you which could help you to understand his condition just tell me i will try to provide it to you.

Yours Sincerely,
Vishal Sharma

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Best recommendation would be to have your doctor reach out to another doctor with a strong public record. My daughter is user dr bagel here is his web site. Give his office a call I am sure he can help or give you a good referral in your area

I am a strong believer in the removal of sugar from the diet the help minimize the psoriasis symptoms. It takes 5-12 weeks to see the effect . Here is a brief summary of the back ground

Can Psoriasis be affected by Diet
Psoriasis is a symptom of the failure of the auto-immune system. No one knows what causes it. There is anecdotal evidence that diet can minimize its effect. People claim diet change helps, but this needs to be explained by bio-chemistry of food pyramid changes. Is Psoriasis a symptom of the immune system being imbalanced by changes in the hormonal system? We found the following linkage:
1. High fructose corn syrup invented 1966 in japan introduced to market 1975
2. War on poverty led to desire to make food cheap (1974)
3. Remove fats from food pyramid to stop heart disease and replaced with high fructose sugar. Now in everything because it is so cheap 25% of daily caloric intake.
4. Fructose in the liver has the same effects as Ethanol, a poison that causes metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance that has a high association with the increase of psoriasis, i.e., people with psoriasis also have metabolic syndrome.
5. Presence of sugar/fructose modifies digestive tract and is associated with issues with skin, kidney, hormonal system adrenal and use of proteins in the body(Dr. John Yudkin)
6. Remove the high fructose and sugar and psoriasis may get better. Need 3 months for body to clear (Dr Bagel)
7. FM or Fructose malabsorption ( ion-dietary-purines-uric-acid/) Causes Psoriasis flair up , IBS (irritable Bowel syndrome ). Bad floria, etc

The following video and book covers scientific linkage by Dr. Robert Lustig (SUGAR THE BITTER TRUTH). The video is 1.5 hrs and does an excellent job. His specialty is child hood obesity. The common linkage is the metabolic syndrome.
• Fat Chance by Robert Lustig also describes the effects of sugar on the liver and hormonal system.
Shows the bio-chemistry link as follows:
• Fructose/sugar added to foods to replace removal of fat and lower cost of food
• Fructose processed in liver the same as ethanol
• Ethanol is a poison
• Lepton and insulin effectiveness become disturbed by Fructose poisoning
 Lepton is hormone used tell mind to stop eating. You have enough energy
 Insulin is disrupted in liver management
• Symptoms are
 Insulin resistance
 Impaired fasting (Type 2 diabetes)
 Obesity (waste line 40+ in men, 35+ women)
 High blood pressure
 Abnormal cholesterol levels
 Heart disease
 Polycystic ovarian syndrome
 Metabolic syndrome
 Obesity
 High blood pressure
 Heart disease
 High blood sugar
 Anxiety
 See appendix for full list of other symptoms
• 40% of women with psoriasis also have Metabolic syndrome etes-whats-link?page=2
• Psoriasis has doubled from 30 to 60 cases per 100,000 over the last 40 years. The same period where fructose was growing in use in the food pyramid toff/psoriasis/6673169/
• Dr Bagel on what to eat
 Interesting talk goes over and shows linkage of fructose free diet and minimization of symptoms asis
 Gluten 25% makes better anti gluten anti bodies present remove gluten -12 weeks 50% improvement. Can be tested
 Omega 3 reduces inflammation -- pumpkin ,flax, olive oil, sun flower, greens, salmon
 Vit k , C and A (A and D important in skin growth)
• Pure, White and Deadly by Dr. John Yudkin
 Associated sugar, fructose with a wide range of ailments
 Estrogen increases with sugar diet page 102
 Increase size of liver and kidneys page 110
 Increase in enzyme NAG page 110
 Thickening of cell membranes GBM associate with diabetics
 Hormonal imbalance drive the increase in cholesterol Page 116
 hiatus hernia - excessive fullness indigestion page 123
 damage to skin acne, seborrhoeic dermatitis page 133
 body’s use of protein page 139
 sugar is an irritant to stomach lining page 152
 adrenal gland

Bottom line is that there are many ways the high sugar diet interferes with the body’s functioning. One or more of these could be a causal or contributing factor in auto-immunity.

My heart is with you

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Buy the book The ONe MINUTE CURE BY Madison Cavanaugh. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

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