Prunes cleared most of my psoriasis

About ten weeks ago, I started adding prunes (dried) to my diet to deal with my digestion and constipation. I was eating about half a dozen a day and found them to be very helpful.

I have had psoriasis for about seven years and have tried what the Doc has offered in terms of creams and shampoos, etc (I had it on my scalp and pretty much all over my body in different spots). These products really didn't do much at all. I would say, within two weeks of eating the prunes, I noticed that the patches on my body were fading. After four weeks some had disappeared completely. The red, crusty patches around my hairline then started to disappear and the scales from my scalp are about 75% less than they used to be. All itching has stopped. At ten weeks, with the exception of a small patch on my right elbow and a mild case on my scalp, I am almost clear. I continue to eat six to eight prunes a day and know that this is the only thing that has really done anything in seven years to help. Eating prunes and drinking more water is the only thing I am doing differently. I still eat the same foods I did before, have not eliminated the lists of foods many have suggested and the condition just keeps fading and disappearing. I had to share this as it is simply amazing to me that it works so well. It may not work for everyone but for me, it is exactly what I needed and I discovered it on my own. I wish you all wellness and peace.

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Mmmmmmmmm I know this may sound strange to some, but I LOVE the taste of prunes. I've eaten them with no ill side effects that so many talk about.. How exciting that these tasty treats are providing you with good results. Congratulations and I Hope this will be your answer. Maybe I need to get back to eating them myself..Oh if Only!!

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Hey ! congrats....

Thats right , P has something to do with Digestion for sure! Reason, when I started Ganoderma[Reishi Mushroom] + Spirulina + [Noni juice & Roselle juice], I noticed tremendous changes in my digestive system and realized that my digestive system was not working properly as most of the time I get heart-burn due to acidity, constipation and burning sensation in stomach. After starting the already mentioned herbs, my stomach & digestive system got improvement like anything. No acidity, No heart-burn, No constipation. Within couple weeks my P started showing improvement like red spot became black, other skin patches become dried like wound healing, scalp P started falling dead skin as dandruff etc.
I have cleared most of the pathces which were on body back, hand, scalp. Leg has some patches left [taking more time, dont know why] but NO MORE NEW P SPOT AND ETCHING AT ALL!! Thanks god!

Good luck and best wishes for your healing!

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U deserve this >>

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I think this.goes along with the whole colon cleansing regiment. I have been taking a fiber supplement and it has also shown some slearing of my psoriasis. Glad things are looking up for you.

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Thanks for your wonderful support and responses. Your experiences and stories provide hope and comfort!

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I eat prunes often, They R healthy but have no effect on my Ps

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Hi Lamoco, I think you are on a winner all round with Prunes, quite a few benefits healthwise, congrats on the results with P.

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Have any one tried detox on a regular basis and succeeded clearing psoriasis I wonder? Why psoriasis is because of toxic in the body system and by right shall assist in clearing-up psoriasis.

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Mariam I have been doing a colon cleanse and detoxification cleanse for two weeks as well as very healthy diet and I am definitely seeing great
At improvement. I think it is the way to go. Get some pysillium husk powder and also some bentonite and you are set.

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Oh and you have take sure you are eating lots of alkaline foods and fiberous foods too.

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Yes! detoxification is needed / must for our body.

I am taking Noni juice [Morinda citrifolia] is very best for detoxification.

Ganoderma is correcting and boosting immune system
Noni juice is doing detoxification
Spirulina have abundant sources of vitamins and minerals with alkaline nature of food supplement
Roselle juice providing vitamin 'C'

Result >> My P has / is almost cleared with extra body energy, no stiffness, more focus and concentration, reduced fatigue [more energy], cooool sleep and many more

No diet control, No life style change, No weather change , No stress control etc.

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This is wonderful! We have one more winner here!

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I did start to do the same as i suffer bad with constipation, went to the doctors and all he has said is it's IBS and given me a prescription for laxatives.

I honestly think the reason I and this is just my opinion, have bad psoriasis as the body is'nt eliminating toxins correctly due to not going toilet often enough.

I feel the toxins get reabsorbed back into the body after so long as waste in the body.I've researched this and it's the same as what i'm saying.

So if the body can't get rid of the waste the proper way, it sends it out through the skin.

I may make a thread at some point to ask and take a vote how many people have constipation and psoriasis.

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I agree with the detox suggestion.. I am on it and has helped a lot.

BTW, Holistic medicine (Ayurvedic meds) does the same thing.. and helped many people with P.

Looks like Prunes does the same thing.. and i can see the similarities..

Lamoco, thanks for sharing your success.

I hope -- they do research on digestion and its relation to the immune issues..

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Are you able to elaborate on the quantities you are taking of the reishi mushroom, noni juice, spirulina and roselle juice?
Also, are you consuming them all at once, or are your putting them in a smoothie with other things?

Many thanks!

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I am going to try this, thanks for the suggestion. My p is getting worse, all over my legs and it hurts...ugh. Thanks, I'll keep you posted on the progress.


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Thank u for sharing information. I passed motion 2 times daily but yet I am having difficulty to clear my psoriasis.....the itchiness is unbearable. Also I am taking 70% vegetable + fruit diet and balance fish or chicken/ brown bread daily-----following Dr John Pagano's diet; Using glycerine alone and see some improvement but somehow the itchiness is stubborn!!! Anything that can subside the ichiness ?
Now, I am taking natural clenx tea ( organic green tea) as a way to detox further but is it necessary to go through colon irrigation ?
Thanking u in advance.

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I'm going to agree that what is being done here can have a positive effect on your psoriasis. I'll go along with that. is absurd to think that toxins within your body are releasing and manifesting itself into the skin condition known as psoriasis. If that was the case...a body cleanse would cure psoriasis for everybody...and that's not the case at all.

I wish it was that simple.

Best of luck to everyone that is seeing relief through anything they try.

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I disagree with you willymon,

Their is a condition that is called "leaky gut" which basically even if you were to detox and clear your system, you still have to repair what has been done.

Also just by clearing your system as in going toilet more often will not have an immediate effect, but over a period of time your body will react in a good way as it's not finding other means to eliminate toxins.

A simple google search will back up this theory where alot of doctors have mentioned that if the body is'nt able to eliminate the bodies waste properly, then it finds another way through the sinus,throat,skin,lungs etc ...

We see this is the case also with when people change their diet, the body has less need to get rid of toxins, so the body is'nt over-burdened and can eliminate these the proper way without it comming under too much pressure.

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You're right, demonicale. Leaky gut is just a theory. I believe we benefit from a healthy diet because we're dealing with less inflamation..I personally don't believe the leaky gut scenario..or toxins.

Psoriasis has been around since they put water in..way before we ever had to deal with a toxic environment.

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