Prostate Cancer and Stelara

Has anyone been on Stelara and had Prostate cancer? I've been on Stelara for over a year now and was ready to start year 2 in Sept 2012 with great success
over 96% clear. now the Cancer diagnosis and Surgery scheduled for Jan. 30th 2013. My Urologist would not let me start this up again and now the P has come back the last few months worst than it's ever been when I statrted in May 2011. I'm doing eveything I can topically to help as I probably can get an injection until 6 ot 8 weeks after the surgery. of course I want to be cancer free
with the remove of the i'm hanging in there knowing that there's light at the end of the tunnel for me down the road.

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rcrebel I am so sorry to read this.....cancer is such a scary word. You have flared very badly since getting this news, and really........that is not surprising, considering that we know stress plays such a big role in the life of psoriasis.

It is so unfortunate that we cannot know if the cancer would have appeared anyhow, or, if it is the result of taking Stelara. Unfortunately, biologics have a long list of possible side effects, which makes us all wonder if we should take them or not. I take Enbrel, and it reminds me of playing with a loaded gun, but.....when psoriatic arthritis flares, we will take many chances in order to get a bit of relief.

Your main focus now is to have your surgery, and get free of the cancer. I have a very good friend who had surgery for prostate cancer about 6 years ago now, and he is doing very well. His way of helping himself heal was to rent all of the funny movies he could find, and laugh it all away. His favorite was Mr Bean, and he did laugh himself well. I am praying for you.

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Thank you for those kind words and thoughts.....Yes, the #1 priority here is to get rid of the "C". It's no dought that
the stress factor in all of this is not helping things at all. Going to have a little down time coming up so the dvr will be hot...

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Hi Recrebel

I am a 39 year old male with psoriasis which I have had since I was 14. I have tried Enbrel, Humira and I have spent 2 years on Stelara.
I am in otherwise really good health, eat a good diet, am physically active and have no history of cancer.
I was diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer (cancer of the rectum) on 25 Dec 2012 and my interestingly enough my colorectal surgeon who performed my bowel resection on 05 Jan 2012 also has psoriasis.

He has said that he can't be sure that the P medicine has caused the cancer, but he is certain that it has helped it metastasize to my lungs so quickly.

I am stage IV and I meet the Oncologist again a week from today to see if I am a candidate to have the secondary tumors resected from my lungs. If I am not that then puts me into a palliative care situation.

My honest personal opinion is that I would rather live a long and productive life with P then a short and sorry life with C. As such I will never take any more medicine for P that is not natural and I will fight Cancer whilst I still have strength to do so. I would not recommend anyone else to take any biological agents as the risks are just too great.

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Good Morning By Kiwiinoz Your post is a very sobering read for those of us on biologics. They are so risky, and yet....we will grasp any straw which is offered to us. I can certainly understand that you would wish you had never taken it.

I am so sorry you are having to deal with this, and at such a young age...........not that cancer is good at any age, but you are so young to have to deal with this. I hope you have friends and family near by to help you deal with it.

I would guess, by your screen name, that you are a Kiwi living in that right? I have never been to New Zealand, but I have been to Australia, as my daughter used to live there.....awesome trip.

May I pray for you? This is a time where one would want to have a higher power to assist in the daily struggle, even if that had not happened beforehand. It is possible to face this huge mountain with peace and trust, if Almighty God is leading the way.

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Got prostate cancer from enbrel,they are all the same. Anything and I am not sure about. W hat you are taking but if it suppresses your immune system then you have that chance.go to and look up the possible side effects.

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First, I am so sorry to hear about your prostate cancer. My husband (52 years old) had a total prostatectomy in September and it has been a rough ride, so I empathize. I am the psoriasis sufferer, however. I have been working with a family practitioner since about 2009 who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement. I also (due to my husband's cancer) researched and found Dr. Johanna Budwig's protocol for arthritis, cancer and other immune disorders and invented a smoothie using her flaxoil, flaxseed protocol. I replaced the cottage cheese with plain kefir and this summer my skin took on a whole-body healthy glow. I am freckled and easily burn in the sun, but I actually TANNED for the first time in my life. My skin was SUPERB ... until undergoing two root canals for deep mercury fillings over the summer. Then, BAM! It came back with a vengeance. I am very confident that psoriasis is curable, and I think that what I may be experiencing is a healing crisis as my body tries to detox from the mercury exposure. My doctor was very concerned about the mercury, and noted that my thyroid is "mildly enlarged." I have since upped my iodine (I use only natural everything, so sea kelp and Himalayan rock salt are what I take/use). I cringe when I read of people taking drugs for P because I believe P is caused by toxic overload. So, this can't be good. Also, I find it v-e-ery intriguing that the commercials say to avoid these drugs if you've been exposed to fungus. Google "Cancer is a fungus." Pretty enlightening information. I hope that you all find the help you need. I do believe that hormones play an enormous role as well, and natural hormone replacement can help. I'm convinced of that.

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Are you still on bud wigs flaxseed oil and cottage cheese,I did that for my prostate and it worked do not have any cancer after last biopsy .
Are you saying that the flax and cottage cheese took care of your p.are you still doing that?

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Bk196...not sure about your message? you feel as if the embrel caused the cancer?? I'm certainly not blamming Stelara for this.
My Father had this same cancer 17 yrs ago and that puts me in a new percentile as whether you will get this or not...due to the direct relationship..
In the studies I read about Stelara, it caused a rare form of cancer in ONE person after the trials.... My PSA went from 2.4
to 5.0 in 2 1/2 to weather the Stelara helped accelarate this is another subject....I have no idea....

my main concern now is to have surgery in less than 2 weeks...get the cancer out of here....get healed up good
and see if there's a possibility of resuming the 59 yrs old that my be a chance I may take.

I hope your Prostate cancer is clear and gone...

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If you would care to share ,when you had your biopsy ,how many samples showed cancer,mine. Was 9 samples 8 clean and one had a 15 percent .
Last biopsy was 12 samples and no cancer although my Psa is still high.i wonder if my Psa is elevated because of my psoriasis.
I had a total of 27 samples over a three year period .Aftrt that many I may have no prostate left.

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Hey Bk196, that is fantastic! Congratulations! I tried to get my husband to adopt the Budwig diet, but he opted to go conventional. I am just supporting his decisions the best I can. I am still doing the flaxoil/kefir smoothies myself. I pack my Magic Bullet full of organic baby spinach and add a frozen banana and whatever else I want in there ... apples, blueberries, etc. I don't adhere 100% to the protocol (I enjoy coffee and red wine daily), but I have a smoothie, sometimes two, every day, without fail. And my skin is most definitely affected by it in a huge way. Dr. Budwig extensively researched the affect of omega 3's on the skin (using her combination of ingredients) and was a devout supporter of getting plenty of sun exposure without toxic chemical sunscreens. I personally believe that her combination of ingredients is what allowed me to remain sunburn free this summer and to have a healthy youthful glow. I enjoy reading Dr. Mercola's insight on sunshine and how to optimize your vitamin D3 from sun exposure, but I do find I need to supplement with vitamin D3 in the winter months. That is CRITICAL, BTW for cancer patients. One thing I notice is that my gums are incredibly tight and pink and healthy. I know that this protocol reduces inflammation -- as does NATURAL (not synthetic) hormone replacement. I wish everyone would understand that virtually ALL disease is inflammatory. Including and esp. cancer. Psoriasis is inflammatory as well. While conventional meds can give temporary symptom relief, there is a price to pay in the long run ... it's called your health.

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Hi Guys

On a more positive note since my diagnosis of colorectal cancer on 05 December I have completely changed my diet, like a lot of us do at times when we are faced with significant challenges.

I read that vitamin D is extremely good for colon cancer, and I know that it is also great for Psoriasis so have been taking suppliments of 1000IU per day. I have cut out meat, cut out processed foods, cut out refined grains (wholemeal instead of white) and have significantly reduced my intake of sugar. I have also cut out caffeine (from coffee but still drink Green Tea) and alcohol. All been replaced with a very balanced diet of fish, beans, veg, fruit and wholemeal grains.

It has been 6 weeks since the diagnosis and this alone, wtih no excercise has made me loose 6 KG (13 lbs)

I won't say that my Psoriasis is great, but I will say that since the diagnosis it has not changed. It does help that it is summer in Australia and today is 39Degrees C (102 F) and I have been outside reading a book for a while.

I always rubbished the idea that diet could have a significant impact on your health but this has conveted me, and in that I totally agree with the post above me.

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Hey down under,diet almost sounds like mine.i am also gluten free,no whites that is huge.That means bread,pasta,rice,especially sugar,no high fructose corn syrup.that stuff is poison.
You should be taking a baby aspirin every day,google that and you will see the benefits.
Hope everything works out for you.How long have you Ben on the diet change?

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Yes...don't mine sharing my biospy took 12 samples 5 out of 12 showed Cancer the gleason score was 3 + 4 = 7 on two
with over 50% coverage....all contained on the right side.....soo yes I'm having surgery in less than 2 weeks.....of course the stress
has done nothing to help my P!!

you'll have mentioned diet Urologist/Surgeon asked me to lose about 10 or 12 pounds....and I too have cut out the red meat
and most pasta and rice...and it's helped my drop off about 6 pounds in 3 weeks...

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Hey Bk196, I am really interested to hear (when and if you don't mind) how you learned about the budwig protocol, what you did and if you know of anyone else who put their cancer into remission with her phenomenal protocol. Are you now med free? I get really discouraged trying to find blogs or groups of people who have been healed of cancer naturally and remained cancer free (to their defense, i might not want to blog about cancer if I had had it and were finished with it) but those I DO hear of who get healed always, always address the diet. There is something to this idea Dr. Budwig had about phasing out the unhealthy fats (which are staple in our american culture) and saturating the cells with high levels of omega 3's. It makes sense because healthy fats are powerful natural anti inflammatories. Also, the cholesterol myth (there is actually a book titled that that is quite enlightening as well) is important to understand in relation to cancer and other degenerative diseases. I am convinced that any med that requires checking for liver function can't be good. I took Accutane for acne in my early 30's and am almost positive that it supercharged my arthritis ... another connection with psoriasis. But my skin has never been better than when I was doing the budwig smoothies. It all begins to form a big puzzle and the pieces come together suggesting that we run from pharmaceuticals and return to nature.

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I was told about the protocol from a Psa is still high but the last biopsy was clean .Like I stated before I had 3 over a period of 3 years a total of 28 samples .Only one had a 15 percent cancer.after major diet changrs and working my ass off in the gym the last biopsy was clean.
I don't eat meat or processed food,no whites,that means sugar,rice bread pasta.i eat tons of greens fruit smoothies.I do eat fish.have not had meat in over 5 years.
Don't even get me started on cholesterol ,the biggest scam in the history of medicine,my doc has written books and refuses to put his patients on the drugs.He has been saying for over 30 years its inflamation not cholesterol.everybody should have a crp test.that measures inflamation.
I will give you just one example ,I have a female friend who is in her late 50's her cholesterol 625 yes 625 and has never had a problem.she is as thin as a pencil and perfectly fine,my sister 78 cholesterol 425 been that way her whole life no problems.
My doc says inflamation of the arteries causes fat and cholesterol to get caught in the ridges over time .every cell in your body needs cholesterol .enough I could go on for hours.
Back to bud wig the diet is how I live now.i made the change in my life style and I feel great,but I still have the p.its just really the redness my flaking is not bad and very little itching,but the redness I look like a half boiled lobster.

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Thank you for the post, Bk196. That is fantastic and I am so glad to hear you are cancer free. Good for you for changing your lifestyle habits! I am wondering if you have been exposed to mercury as I have? I was doing superbly on the Budwig smoothies, still eating whatever else I wanted (though I am relatively conscientious about diet and I also exercise and do weight training) UNTIL I had two root canals this summer. I had to TELL my dentist how to follow the protocol for safe mercury removal, but I still swallowed chunks of something because the rubber dam leaked and I couldn't tell her. I really believe that that is what this reaction is from. I had had P before, but not this bad and I completely cured it before this dental stuff. I was just wondering if you had had anything similar. I believe I am on the right track and expect to purge the metal from my body and then get back to clear skin.

BTW, I learned researching that PSA is not a measurement of cancer. It is a measurement of the prostate specific antigens doing what they are supposed to ... fending off food supplies to unhealthy cells. They are "anti-angiogenic." This is why I cringe when I hear of testosterone suppressing hormones (like Lupron) being given to men to artificially force down the PSA. I've gotten into more than a few arguments with my husband's doctors about that. It is the EXACT same thing that is done with Statin drugs to force down cholesterol (which is why liver function has to be tested regularly ... how insane is that?!). We are actually forcing our own immune response to shut down! But so few people actually take responsibility for their health ... they would rather just trust their pharmaceutically-trained physician to "take care" of them. People want a magic pill, not a lifestyle change. But until we cut out the chemicals enough to give our bodies a fighting chance to regain health, we will just be fighting an uphill battle. But I'm encouraged to hear more people waking up to the sad state of sick care in this nation. I just hope we can turn it around before it's too late.

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Hi rcrebel. I wanted to comment to you. I am saying a prayer for you today. I wanted to tell you that my husband's biopsy was exactly the same ... 3+4=7 Gleason score. He is 52. I believe that diet plays a very important role in healing and you are doing the right thing to eat healthy and exercise ... oxygenate your body. One site that I highly recommend is It was put together by a man with terminal bone cancer who is alive and well today. Very inspiring and encouraging story. I wish that there were more blogs, etc. chronicling the success stories because I KNOW that there are many success stories out there. But I do think many people who get healed just go on with their lives. I get that, because it does get draining to talk about it over and over again. But I think there are many ways to heal. I pray that God leads you to a place of peace and knowing that all is well ... all will be well. You will get through this and look back on it and be able to share your story to help others someday.

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Ok...update here...Surgery was done Jan 30th Pathology came back good...will have the PSA done in about 8 weeks.
so, in essance I could be cancer free!!!

The good news is my urologist let me get back on my Stelara on Feb 8th....had a 90cc injection
that afternoon and I'm already showing results in less than 18 days......I'm thrilled!!! I'm continuing to watch my diet
and hope to keep these 13 pounds off that I shed before the surgery.......

Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers.......

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My prostate was perfect until I went on enbrel,same shit happened.Anything that suppresses your immune system puts you at greater risk,all these drugs are only band aids,it's jus a temporary fix.
Did you have your prostate removed?

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Yes, I had a total radical robotic prostatectomy, so I have none. the final Gleason score was 4+3= 7 final stage was T2c totally contained within the gland, so nothing went outside. the lymph nodes were taken as a precaution..but all came out negitive.

I have no evidence what so ever that my starting Stelara in May 2011
would cause this was not mentioned in any of the trial results.....only some rare form of cancer. and that was only 1 case....

It was my choice and I was well aware of the immune system risks going into this....I've no side effects with this.. I have suffered for 17 yrs. with this and finally found something that would get me 96% clear as I was back in late Sept 2012, before the cancer was diagnoised......I am happy to say that it looks like it ay be working again in just a few short all most 60 yrs of age...I'm willing to take this risk on.

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