Popping sound from my calf muscle

Well yesterday my calfs were a little sore as always. It's usually the left one that's sore and knotted up. Went down the front steps and hear this pop coming from my right calf and now very painful to walk on. Any suggestions to what may have happened? Gonna try to go to work as I thought maybe it would be ok this morning. I'm guessing maybe I should go to the emergency room since I will not be able to see a dr til probably the middle of next week? Uuuggghh It's always one thing after another. Peace

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Do you think your sore calf is related to PSA? I have had sore calves my whole life (like you left is always more knotted up) no matter how much I stretch they are always tight and sore. I have had psoriasis the whole time too and I guess I just thought I had weird muscles. Interested to know if a doc has told you the two are related. BTW my doc told me tendonitis is common with PSA and have to be careful especially with the achilles tendon. You may have injured it. You should probably see a dr.

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I could understand the joints popping, but not the calf. Did you feel anything at the time? What, exactly, hurts now? Also if you go to the ER post what they said. I'm mostly just curious. A torn muscle, ligament or tendon is all I can think. Do you run, workout or anything that would put extreme stress on the muscles?

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Tendon it sounds like... Sprain...

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Hey all!!! Well decided to not go to ER. Got home from work and I am exhausted. This is what has been going on with me. I have been diagnosed with PSA 4 years ago, had lower back surgery may 3rd. I got a part time job 1 year ago. I felt pretty good at the time if going back to work. It actually felt great . All I was doing was delivering pizza, so I was sitting and moving around . Recently they asked me to join the management program, I've turned them down twice because of my health not being all too great. The third time they asked me I accepted. Now I have to do production, which is learning how to make pizzas which consists of standing in one spot for 6-8 hours. Every since then I have been in more pain than ever. Yesterday I felt a little sore in my right calf , no biggie cause I usually am sore all the sudden I hear a pop as I was going down the stairs then just a bad pain in my calf. I have to limp a certain way so it won't hurt. I've been carrying smaller loads cause I felt like I could not keep carrying such heavy stuff, it was killing me. I'm so exhausted all the time. I feel like I want to cry cause I feel like crap all the time. So I rest as much as possible between work and trying to do everyday stuff. I don't know what to do. I hope that answered some of your questions.

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My rheumy doesn't believe in all the other symptoms of psa, mainly cause I show no signs of immflamation or swelling. I ask her about a lot of things and she always tells me it's not related. I've read probably what you have read about it and what it can do. No one believes it, not even most drs., And how much pain is involved. Sometimes I don't want to believe it myself cause I've had such issues with it. That's as much as I know.

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Tendonitis and Enthesis need to be ruled out, I am one of those PSA patients who "pops" all the time and was told that my tendons and ligiments are perpetually inflamed. Hugs to you and hang in there. I finally had to quit work as I no longer can sit or stand for very long and even driving is causing me a lot of pain. Not a good feeling to be in traffic and you hurt so bad that you can't concentrate on anything else.

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I suggest you get a second opinion from another Rheumy - I know it's difficult to think about switching, but at least get a second opinion - doesn't sound like your current Rheumy believes PsA is real -

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