petroleum jelly

Hi new here,
just curious if anyone using vaseline or any other petroleum jelly products experienced side effects?

I am using petroleum jelly as moisturizer which help a lot in keeping my skin moisturize, but i read an article that it may cause cancer, wondering if it is really true.

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jelly makes you more suseptable to sun burn, and that will make it flare up, I use Dr. scholes heal repair it last for 24hrs, for one application, and goes in fast, so you can get dressed soon after.

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I used it for a year in my 20's on my palms. I would put it on and wear gloves at night. After a year, it finally went away. 15 years later, I got it back on my hands and I did the Vaseline again, but after 5 years, no luck :( It is also on my feet really bad that I never had before and I keep Vaseline on it 24/7. It does keep them from drying to the point of cracking and bleeding, but is not helping it clear.

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I have used this for years on my sons feet then put socks on to keep h=them oisturized, works great, not had any side effects or heard anything sinister.

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some people swear by the udder balm in the green can . I thi k it helps butI don't like the smell . i like aquaphor and sometimes I mix hydrocortizone cream in to it . so 1 cup aquaphor ,mixed with 1 0r 2 oz. tube of hydrocortizone and mix with a lastic fork . works great soothing and anti itch and no smell . helps me sleep . if you have an infection mix in antibiotic cream too !! 3 i n 1 ..beautiful !
cathy from ma

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Muddle some glycerin into it. You will be amazed at what the results are. After a while you'll be able to use just the glycerin. Then nothing, because you won't need it. ;) Hopefully!

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I found an interesting link on petroleum jelly products that might be helpful for you:

I personally steer clear of using any products that are derived from petroleum, as it comes from a byproduct of crude oil drilling and has possible breast cancer health concerns due to PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) contamination. I use pure coconut oil and it doesn't burn or irritate my skin when I'm in a flare and leaves my skin super soft. You can order online or at a local health food store. I get mine through for $5 a container and it lasts anywhere from 1-3 months depending on whether I'm using it all over or just in small flare spots. Hope this helps!!

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thank you for all the info.

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welcome to this site,
No petro for me. It does not allow the skin to breathe. I use pure glycerin which is a product of our own bodies. Find BrianFH he is the expert but he turn my pitiful shaggy legs into dancers legs anyone for a dance. lol
I can finally come out of the hobbit I was living in!

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Hobbits? The ones with the short furry legs? I'll see if I can Photoshop your picture onto Bilbo's lower half ---

No, on second thought, bad idea.


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I was very shaggy how can you shave with all the sores, plagues, ect. Now I am fabulous thanks to you. And yes I lived in a hobbit home. I am kicking up these old legs I am a New YOrk Rocket. lol

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I've personally never had much luck with vaseline and any of the skin maladies I've had.

It does what it's supposed to do I suppose, but for the most part, it sometimes just seems to thick and endlessly slick and uncomfortable. I remember using it in my scalp once with some baby oil for some scalp 'p' and thinking that I'd never get rid of having the 'oily' looking hair.

In a biology class many years past, I remember the instructor telling the story about the inventor of Vaseline who ingested it every day of his life to prove that it was healthy for digestion, etc. I didn't think that was a true story, but later looked it up online and there was a corroborating account of that claim.

You can wikipedia 'Vaseline' for a fun story about petroleum jelly giving Marilyn Monroe a fuzzy complexion - and an interesting note under Robert Chesebrough's wiki-search that tells about his escapades of burning himself in public to show the wonderful curative powers of his patented petroleum gel. Chesebrough lived to be 96, which was quite astounding for that era. Even Paul Harvey mentioned that Chesebrough ate a tablespoon of his famous moisturizer/ laxative every morning.

As far as a carcinogen, I'm not familiar with cancer causing agents in petroleum jelly, but who knows? -- it is after all, petroleum based...

It's been used in infant and child care for so long that I would think there would be ample warnings if it were potentially harmful. The required California product labels might shed some more light on the safety of using vaseline externally or internally.

No doubt the manufacturer origination and quality of the product is a concern as well. Many cosmetic companies in unregulated countries have lead and other toxic metals in their products, so I'd assume that petroleum jelly could be as easily contaminated.

I had a hospital dermatologist who prescribed a hand mixed tub directly from the hospital pharmacy that contained vaseline, coal tar, and an aspirin product for large plaque psoriasis lesions. The aspirin additive was suposed to ease the 'sting' of the coal tar. Coal tar, unfortunately, IS a known carcinogen in addition to being an effective immune suppressant. I didn't experience any success with the mixture - and with the coal tar, there was always a very unpleasant odor.

If petroleum jelly works for you, do all that you can to research it and make sure that the brand/manufacturer that you're using is safe. And if it's not working for you, there is a vast wealth of natural moisturizers and sealants out there which may yield better results.

The most practical use I've found for vaseline was as a 'waterproof' covering / sealant for wrapped lesions. It makes a good non-adhesive waterproof sealant between the skin and outer wrap. It's still messy afterward, but wipes clean with tissue or 'wet wipes'.

peace and healing,

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Yeah, that coal tar stuff is a real wild card. It contains thousands of compounds, most never studied. It's "grandfathered" since it's been used so long, but would never pass modern approval processes.

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The only adverse side effect I ever had with Vaseline, and or petrolatum based products, Bag Balm for one, was severely stained clothing knees and elbows. Very effective at softening scales and it would last way longer than any of the oily/liquid type moisturizers. I now use Eucerin creme "original" and find that it is equally as effective as Vaseline without the stained clothes, although about 10x's the cost.
Best of luck to you!

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ow wow, thanks everyone! I hope a cure for this disorder would finally be discovered, so tired of this curse, hehehe. God bless!

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Hi just opened my account and you are the first I talked to. To answer your question I want to say I don't think so. I have used it for years. Since I was a kid I am now 28 and I highly doubt I have cancer. I also take additional showers in the day it rids more of the dead skin since we psoriasis grows too fast for comfort. I apply baby oil all over and put petroleum on the affected areas and much, much sun exposure will remission the condition less!

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I used Vasoline Jelly on my scalp to remove the insufferable itch - lost alot of hair in the process.

Do not use on scalp as it does not treat the problem.

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Here's a scalp thread: ?id=2209490

Her scalp originally was about 50% covered and then her dermatologist recommended we try T gel shampoo to get rid of her flakes. I put it on my daughter's wet scalp, left it on for 20 min and rinsed it out as usual. The next morning when she woke up her entire scalp was covered in a white p film. I was horrified! I am amazed that the glycerin cleared up her scalp because it was her most difficult area to clear up. I thought I would be forever doing this daily routine of applying something to her scalp, removing the flakes only to have them come back in full force by the next day. Glycerin took care of all of her scalp p and it has stayed away. Not one spot has come back. [Used 6-7 weeks, finished 9 weeks ago. -BFH]

I am sorry if I keep repeating myself. I am just so excited that this has worked so well for my daughter. Her well being is the most important to me and she is back to her old self wearing her summer dresses like a kid should be and not having to worry about flakes constantly falling off her head onto her clothing.

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ow thank you for the info, not too worried anymore, at least i know someone have been using it for a long time without any serious side effects. thanks God bless.

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