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About a week ago I saw a discussion talking about whether eating a Papaya could help with Psoriasis (now Psoriatic Disease). On quick look this morning, I don't see a way to "search" for that discussion. So, I'm just starting up a new one.

Because of my disagreable Digestive system, I cannot eat most veggies or some, fresh fruits. But, if a specific fruit might help, I'd be willing to try it. Last week I was in 3, different supermarkets, and did not find any Papaya being sold in the Produce dept. I didn't think there would be any bottles of Papaya juice being sold. But, I like to browse in the GOYA aisle of supermarkets, and I discovered that Goya sells a can of "Papaya nectar." It is the single-serving size, so I bought 6 cans. I can't say one way or another whether it is helping me.

Because I take Methotrexate, on a low dosage, and have for 4-5 yrs., with no side-effects, this year I only have mild scaling on my elbows and nowhere else. Yesterday and today that scaling has almost disappeared.

However, one part of my Psoriasis is that I have an on-going problem in the "moist areas" and that occasionally needs an antibiotic to clear up. So, this week I am taking an antibiotic. I've always thought that the Scaling part of Psoriasis is a type of .. infection ! So, whether the Papaya is helping me or the antibiotics is helping me, I don't know.

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

(A small part of this story is that I have several, seasonal allergies, and almost always have "post-nasal drip." And for several months now, my joints have been all inflamed, and I've been more tired than usual, etc. I'm told I only have Osteoarthritis and needed cortisone shots last week, and they're still trying to decide what to do with my bad neck. But, all of a sudden, on the antibiotics, my post-nasal drip stopped, the inflamation in my knees and neck stopped, and my extra amount of fatigue stopped. So, I got an antibiotic for one infection, and it seems to have cleared up - 3 more ! :o)

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Papaya is absolutely helping you!. It is GREAT for aiding in digestion and clearing out that colon, which is where your body can store up to 25 pounds of food (which is waste your body doesn't want). If your body doesn't or isn't able to get rid of that it will start to reabsorb those toxins which will make your Psoriasis go crazy and joints inflame etc. GOOD JOB!!!

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I am 24 years old and I had severe scalp psoiasis,

I healed my psoriasis by Fasting (I did not eat anything for 30 days) i drank alot of water , one juice a day and covered my scalp in fresh aloe vera gel.

i also got alot of sunlight ( very important and went in the ocean for the sea salt)

In 30 days i put to rest this so called incurable disease and you can too...ask me anything you would like

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If it gets to fruit or juice, go with fruit.
Most juice goes through the pasteurization process and that destroys the enzymes that make papaya beneficial.

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Papaya nectar has tons of sugar. They have it in the frozen fruit section with the blueberries, strawberries, etc. much less sugar. I buy it frozen for smoothies. Sometimes it is a blend of papaya, mango and another fruit in the frozen bag.

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Here is one at walmart. It is certified organic.

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If U R going to try it, do IT RIGHT...forget the canned drinks!
eat FRESH papaya.......................All SPANISH markets sell it. Look in ur yellow pages on line.

I eat about a cup or 2 every AM on an empty stomach and no food for an hour after

This is my 4th week.......some fading of red lesions but they R still there!
will give it a few more weeks
Ps "cures" !! ??? take a LONG time and patience!

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this is the one I eat. if there R no Spanish neighborhoods near U, U can order on line

Belize caribbean red papaya

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