Painkillers for rib cage pain

** Originally posted by Mikel **

What pain medications work best for Chest Rib cage pain if it is PSA ?

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** Originally posted by DejaVu **

This may be a little different for everyone.

I have the best luck with NSAIDs (or methylprednisolone, if needed).
I have had good luck with NSAIDs taken systemically (swallowed pills) and I have had good luck with a topical NSAID on the ribcage.

Some of this decision might depend upon whatever you are already taking, if anything just now?

I am sure others will be along to comment!
Hope you feel well soon!
Let us know what works for you and how you are doing?
Take care!

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** Originally posted by JesseLou **

I take 3 or 4 800mg doses of ibuprofen separated by 4 hours. It makes me feel better while taking it, and usually it's gone then. You shouldn't take that kind of dose more than 2 days without your doctor okaying it.

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** Originally posted by ladyemac **

When my ribs act up, nothing helps as much as a medrol dosepak.

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** Originally posted by nyoki **

Prednisone, percoset (extra dose) and mobic generally work better for me than any other combo.

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** Originally posted by Re **

Still looking for the magic combo. I am a right side sleeper or was. It hurts from the thoracic spine all the way around to the sternum but the worst of it is spine and around to just under that saggin boob of mine :) LOL Gotta say sumptin stupid. Heck that is me and yall know it. Moist heat really is my best friend. IT does more for me than anything else. The drugs are just the added bonus just wish they worked better.

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** Originally posted by nyoki **

I don't think any amount of pain medication will truly take that pain away. You breathe, your heart're in pain.

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