Has anyone ever heard of oil pulling? I've read up about it on the Earth clinic website and it seems fascinating. It's simple to do and it heals a lot of different ailments. Skin conditions included. I think I'll give it a try. Please respond if you have any knowledge of this method. You can also check it out at oilpulling.com.
Thank you!

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Sounds fairly harmless. That swishing for 15-20 min could get old though.

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Oil pulling has been mentioned numerous times I believe.

It is meant to be good for things like gum health and removing toxins from the body.

I have tried it a couple of times, but I just can’t swish, suck & pull for longer than five minutes. I also forgot to do it regularly every day; so I never benefited from it long term.

Organic cold pressed unrefined sesame seed oil and coconut oil are meant to be good oils to use.

It is thousands of years old from Ayurvedic medicine, so not a new fad.

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Thanks for responding. I've only joined the Talk Psoriasis community just a few months ago, so I've never seen it posted so far, but I will see if I can retrieve more info.
Thank you.

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